NRS definition

NRS means the Nevada Revised Statutes.
NRS means the Nevada Revised Statutes, as amended from time to time, including the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.

Examples of NRS in a sentence

  • Contractor may label specific parts of an individual document as a “trade secret” or “confidential” in accordance with NRS 333.333, provided that Contractor thereby agrees to indemnify and defend the County for honoring such a designation.

  • If the Property is subject to a Common Interest Community (“CIC”), Seller or his authorized agent shall request the CIC documents and certificate listed in NRS 116.4109 (collectively, the “resale package”) within two (2) business days of Acceptance and provide the same to Buyer within on (1) business day of Seller’s receipt thereof.

  • Pursuant to NRS 239.010, information or documents received from Contractor may be open to public inspection and copying.

  • The certificate must name the County, its officers, employees and immune contractors as defined in NRS 41.0307 as the certificate holder.

  • Pursuant to NRS Chapter 354, if the City does not allocate funds to continue the function performed by Provider under this Agreement, the Agreement will be terminated when appropriate funds expire.

More Definitions of NRS

NRS. As defined in Section 41.14.
NRS has the meaning in Section 1.2.
NRS shall have the meaning as set forth in the Recitals of the Agreement.
NRS has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.