Non-teaching duties definition

Non-teaching duties means duties which are required by the Board and which do not involve instruction of students, excluding the faculty meetings. Such duties include, but are not limited to, bus duty, playground duty, sidewalk duty, collection of student monies, student hall supervision, formal and informal conferences with parents, distribution of school information, participation in student clubs during work day, supervision of student dances, supervision of school activities, back to school night. Non-teaching duties shall be assigned in a fair and equitable manner.
Non-teaching duties means professional work, not normally related to undergraduate teaching or course delivery, done in support of the business mandate, projects, and/or strategic initiatives of an academic or administrative unit, and under the direction of a coordinator. Examples include, but are not limited to, work performed in support of such units as the Art Gallery, the Teaching Centre, the Accommodated Learning, and the Iikaiskini Gathering place.
Non-teaching duties means any duties, which are required by the District in accordance with the following: Extra pay for extra work:

More Definitions of Non-teaching duties

Non-teaching duties means project work done in support of a unit and under the direction of a faculty or staff member, such as outreach programs, centres and institutes, the Art Gallery, or other University initiatives.
Non-teaching duties means duties not related to the direct supervision or instruction of pupils.

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