Nominated Site definition

Nominated Site means the site approved by Flexi Grain to which the Contracted Grain must be delivered.
Nominated Site has the meaning given to that term in Section 3 of Part A of Schedule 17;
Nominated Site means the Site at which We have agreed to provide Your TalkBroadband.

Examples of Nominated Site in a sentence

  • During that process, the governmental agencies will obtain advice from the Shiretoko World Heritage Nominated Site Scientific Council and also formulate a consensus by gathering opinions through public participation procedures, such as explanatory meetings for local fisheries organizations and stakeholders, and other opinion-submitting procedures.

  • Each of these policies is in keeping with the principles given in the Management Plan for the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage Nominated Site and the key points explained to local stakeholders when the plan was formulated.

  • Clear and timely communication to the Nominated Site Operator is critical if any work may impact process conditions and therefore public health and safety (e.g. Australian Drinking Water Guidelines), environmental regulatory compliance (Environmental Authority) or other key considerations.

  • Nominated Site Engineer did not meet the required 2 years of experience as Site Engineer on building projects.

  • The Nominated Site Operator will be responsible for ensuring the correct documentation relevant to the work has been completed work starts.

  • Area of extension ○ A study into the possibility of extending the marine component of the nominated site was conducted in consultation with the Shiretoko World Heritage Nominated Site Scientific Council, which includes marine experts among its members.

  • The Asbestos Co-ordinator and Nominated Site Contact shall have the required resources, skills, training and authority to fulfil these roles.

  • The Landholder Liaison will provide the signage to the Nominated Site Responsible Person or their representative.

  • When You sign up for TalkBroadband, You must specify the full address (including for example flat number) of the Nominated Site at which You wish Us to provide TalkBroadband.

  • Application for approval as a designated collection facility 11 The Operator shall set out on the relevant application form submitted to Valpak each Nominated Site together with such information in relation to each Nominated Site as Valpak may reasonably request.

More Definitions of Nominated Site

Nominated Site or “Sites” means the Contractor‟s premises where the Goods will be held.

Related to Nominated Site

  • Nominated Athlete means an Athlete who has been nominated to the NZOC by Swimming New Zealand.

  • Nominated sub Contractor means all specialists, merchants, tradesmen and others executing any special work or supplying any materials for which provisional or prime cost sums are included in the contract, who may have been or be nominated or selected or approved by the Employer / Employer’s Engineer and shall be deemed to be employed by the contractor.

  • Designated Site The website to which Diligence Files are uploaded as designated by the Depositor to the Mortgage Loan Sellers.

  • Nominated Company means a company, incorporated under the provisions of the applicable regulations in India selected by the Lenders’ Representative, on behalf of Senior Lenders, and proposed to the Authority for assignment / transfer of the Concession as provided in this Agreement;

  • Over-Riding Nomination Criteria means the criteria set out in clause 4.2.

  • Nomination means a written designation by a Shipper to the Carrier of an approximate quantity of Crude Petroleum for Transportation from a specified origin point(s) to a specified destination point(s) over a period of one Operating Month in accordance with these rules and regulations.

  • Nominated Recipient means a person appointed by You to receive particular FIT Payments and recorded as such on the Central FiT Register;

  • Nomination Criteria means the criteria made up of the Over-Riding Nomination Criteria andthe Specific Nomination Factors, and is also referred to as “this Criteria”.

  • Public Works Director means the Director of the Department of Public Works of the County of Los Angeles.

  • Relevant Nominating Body means, in respect of a benchmark or screen rate (as applicable):

  • Project Director means an employee of the Recipient designated by the Authorized Representative to be responsible for the overall management of the administrative and technical aspects of the executed Agreement. The Project Director is set forth in Section 2 of this Agreement.

  • Back Ordered Products If product is not expected to ship within the time provided to the TIPS member by the Vendor, customer is to be notified within 3 business days and appropriate action taken based on customer request. TIPS Vendor Agreement Signature Form RFP 181106 Roadway and Site Controls Products and Services Blades Group LLC dba Road Rescue Asphalt Patch Company Name Address 3 FM 1403 City Uvalde State TXZip 78801 Phone 830-278-1211 Fax 830-591-1824 Email of Authorized Representative Name of Authorized Representative Andrew Blades Title Vice-President Signature of Authorized Representative Nov 27 2018 Date TIPS Authorized Representative Name Meredith Barton Title Vice-President of Operations tive Signatu re TIPS Authorized Representative Signature Approved by ESC Region 8 Date 11/28/18 Page 11 of 11 The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS Cooperative) Supplier Response Bid Information Contact Information Ship to Information Bid Creator Rick Powell General Address Region VIII Education Address Counsel/Procurement Service Center Compliance Officer 4845 US Highway 271 Email North Contact Phone (903) 575-2689 x Pittsburg, TX 75686 Fax Contact Kristie Collins, Department Contracts Compliance Building Bid Number 181106 Specialist Title Roadway and Site Controls Floor/Room Products and Services Department Telephone Bid Type RFP Building Fax Issue Date 11/1/2018 08:03 AM (CT) Email Close Date 11/27/2018 03:00:00 PM (CT) Floor/Room Telephone +1 (866) 839-8477 x Fax +1 (866) 839-8472 x Email Supplier Information Company Road Rescue (Blades Group LLC, DBA Road Rescue) Address 2858 FM 117 Uvalde, TX 78801 Contact ANDREW BLADES Department Building Floor/Room Telephone (830) 278-1211 Fax (830) 591-1824 Email Submitted 11/27/2018 02:26:48 PM (CT) Total $0.00 By submitting your response, you certify that you are authorized to represent and bind your company. Signature Andrew Blades Email Supplier Notes Bid Notes Bid Activities Bid Messages Date Subject Message 11/08/18 Typographical date error on RFP in the section of the specifications, TIPS listed dates under section entitled "ANTICIPATED SCHEDULE OF Specifications PDF AWARD OR RELATED EVENT:" as 2019. This is an error and should be 2018 on the dates on this page and section. 11/08/18 Typographical date error on RFP in the section of the specifications, TIPS listed dates under section entitled "ANTICIPATED SCHEDULE OF Specifications PDF AWARD OR RELATED EVENT:" as 2019. This is an error and should be 2018 on the dates on this page and section. Bid Attributes Please review the following and respond where necessary # Name Note Response 1 Yes - No Disadvantaged/Minority/Women Business Enterprise - D/M/WBE (Required by some participating governmental entities) Vendor certifies that their firm is a D/M/WBE?Vendor must upload proof of certification to the ”Response Attachments” D/M/WBE CERTIFICATES section. NO 2 Yes - No Historically Underutilized Business - HUB (Required by someparticipating governmental entities) Vendor certifies that their firm is a HUB as defined by the State of Texas at No or in a HUBZone as defined by the US Small Business Administration at Proof of one or both may be submitted. Vendor must upload proof of certification to the “Response Attachments” HUB CERTIFICATES section.

  • National Medical Support Notice or “NMSN” shall mean a notice that contains the following information:

  • Election campaign means any campaign in support of or in

  • Architectural Control Committee means and refer to that committee constituted under Article 4 hereof for the review of Development Plans (as hereinafter defined) and other functions.

  • Designated reception site means the designated place for the reception, staging, integration, and onward movement of contractors deploying during a contingency. The designated reception site includes assigned joint reception centers and other Service or private reception sites.

  • Eligible Services means only those services detailed in the sub-section titled Eligible Services.

  • Technical Support Services means the remote telephonic support provided by Seller on a standard and centralized basis concerning the Products, including diagnostic services and troubleshooting to assist Customer in ascertaining the nature of a problem being experienced by the Customer, minor assistance concerning the use of the Software (including advising or assisting the Customer in attempting data/database recovery, database set up, client-server advice), and assistance or advice on installation of Releases provided under this Agreement.

  • Nomination Date means on or before 15 November 2017 (and includes any alternative date as agreed between NZOC and Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand), by which Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand must submit any Nominated Athletes to the NZOC.

  • Athletic director means an individual responsible for administering the overall athletic program of an educational institution or, if an educational institution has separately administered athletic programs for male students and female students, the athletic program for males or the athletic program for females, as appropriate.

  • shadow director means, in relation to a company, any person in accordance with whose directions or instructions the directors of the company are accustomed to act, but the person is not deemed to be a shadow director by reason only that the directors act on advice given by him in a professional capacity; and

  • Nominated Account means a bank account which is maintained under the name of an EHCP or his Associated Organization and is specified by the EHCP and his Associated Organization in the Authority for Payment to a Bank in the form attached at Appendix B and signed by the EHCP and his Associated Organization.

  • Classroom teacher means a teacher subject to annual performance evaluation review under the provisions of Education Law Section 3012-c.

  • Program Director means an individual who has complete responsibility for the day to day function of the program. The Program Director is the highest level of decision making at a local, program level.

  • Contracted Services means medical services, nursing services, health-related services, ancillary services, or environmental services provided according to a documented agreement between a health care institution and the person providing the medical services, nursing services, health-related services, ancillary services, or environmental services.

  • Statewide popular election means a general election in which votes are cast for