MET definition

MET has the meaning set forth in Section 11.1(b).
MET or “Mineral Extraction Tax” means the mineral extraction tax payable to the Kazakh State in respect of oil and gas production in Kazakhstan;

Examples of MET in a sentence

  • If the district currently meets the required speed, enter “Currently Met” in the last box: Expected Date When Required Speed Will be Met.

  • No response) 2019-2020 Progress Toward Attainment of Financial Goals Financial GoalsMeasure Used to Evaluate ProgressGoal - Met, Not Met, or Partially MetIf not met, describe efforts the school will take to meet goal.Financial Goal 6 Financial Goal 7 Financial Goal 8 Financial Goal 9 Financial Goal 10 Thank you.

  • No response) 2019-2020 Progress Toward Attainment of Academic Goals Academic Student Performance GoalMeasure Used to Evaluate Progress Toward Attainment of GoalGoal - Met, Not Met or Unable to MeetIf not met, describe efforts the school will take to meet goal.

  • Met privately with Deloitte & Touche LLP and the Group’s internal auditors, each of whom has unrestricted access to the Audit Committee, without management present, and discussed their evaluations of the Group’s internal controls and overall quality of the Group’s financial reporting and accounting principles used in preparation of financial statements.

  • NWP actors like the ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts), the British Met office (Meteorological Office) and the Canadian Meteorological Centre rely on such approaches using hundreds of ensemble members to improve predictions [11, 13, 18].Looking beyond DA frameworks, various Python based frameworks are sup- porting the automatic distribution of tasks, enabling to manage ensemble runs.

More Definitions of MET

MET means the target was met exactly
MET means a unit of measurement of the level of physical exertion. 1 MET = 3.5 ml of oxygen/kg of body weight per minute, or 1.0 kcal/kg of body weight per hour, or resting metabolic rate;
MET means the student met the grade level standard.
MET means that the Bidder accepts the provision exactly as drafted, without qualification; or,
MET means Make-up End Term.