Membership corporation definition

Membership corporation means a nonprofit corporation whose articles provide that it has members, or that has members as defined in subsection (45) of this section.
Membership corporation means a nonprofit corporation whose
Membership corporation means a nonprofit corporation whose articles of incorporation or bylaws provide that it must have members.

Examples of Membership corporation in a sentence

  • Membership corporation or association or cooperative group furnishing to its members service commonly supplied by public utility, as subject to governmental regulation or to jurisdiction of public service commission, 132 A.L.R. 1495.

  • Once the service request has been submitted, you can go back to the “Collaboration and Service” you will know see that project is now listed (figure 18).

  • The Association is a Membership corporation and shall have Members, and Non-Members as defined in the Articles.

  • The Association shall be a Membership corporation comprised of Members and Non-Members as more particularly described below.

  • Association, as represented by its Board of Directors, shall mean and refer to Spring Ridge Homeowners Association, the Illinois not-for-profit Membership corporation described in Article II and V, including its successors and assigns.

More Definitions of Membership corporation

Membership corporation means a nonprofit corporation whose articles of incorporation or bylaws
Membership corporation means a corporation that carries on its activities primarily for the benefit of its members;
Membership corporation means, subject to subsections (9) and (10), a corporation incorporated or continued pursuant to this Act to carry on activities that are primarily for the benefit of its members; («société de mutualité»)

Related to Membership corporation

  • Family farm corporation means a corporation founded for the purpose of farming agricultural land in which the majority of the voting stock is held by and the majority of the stockholders are persons or the spouse of persons related to each other within the fourth degree of kinship, according to the rules of the civil law, and at least one of the related persons is residing on or actively operating the farm, and none of whose stockholders are a corporation. A family farm corporation does not cease to qualify under this division where, by reason of any devise, bequest, or the operation of the laws of descent or distribution, the ownership of shares of voting stock is transferred to another person, as long as that person is within the degree of kinship stipulated in this division.

  • Next Michigan development corporation means that term as defined in section 3 of the next Michigan development act, 2010 PA 275, MCL 125.2953.

  • Public corporation means a county, city, village, township, port district, drainage district, special assessment district, or metropolitan district of this state, or a board, commission, or another authority or agency created by or under an act of the legislature of this state.

  • Constituent corporation means any corporation which engages with the Company, its Parent or any Subsidiary in a transaction to which Section 424(a) of the Code applies (or would apply if the option assumed or substituted were an ISO), or any Parent or any Subsidiary of such corporation.

  • Nonprofit corporation means a nonprofit corporation, duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the jurisdiction of its incorporation and (if a foreign corporation) in good standing under the laws of the State of California, which corporation has established and maintains valid nonprofit status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and all rules and regulations promulgated under such Section.

  • S corporation means a person that has made an election under subchapter S of Chapter 1 of Subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code for its taxable year.

  • Single member limited liability company means a limited liability company that has one direct member.

  • School Corporation means any of the following:

  • Owners Corporation means the Owners’ corporation of the Land and the Development incorporated and registered under the Building Management Ordinance;

  • Affiliated group of corporations means an affiliated group as defined in section 1504 of the Internal Revenue Code, except that, if such a group includes at least one incumbent local exchange carrier that is primarily engaged in the business of providing local exchange telephone service in this state, the affiliated group shall not include any incumbent local exchange carrier that would otherwise be included in the group.

  • Operating Company means an “operating company” within the meaning of 29 C.F.R. §2510.3-101(c) of the Plan Asset Regulations.

  • Condominium Corporation means a condominium or strata corporation established under provincial legislation.

  • Foreign nonprofit corporation means an entity:

  • General partnership means an organization formed under chapters 45-13 through 45-21.

  • Corporation means a corporation, association, company, joint-stock company or business trust.

  • Michigan economic development corporation means the public body corporate created under section 28 of article VII of the state constitution of 1963 and the urban cooperation act of 1967, 1967 (Ex Sess) PA 7, MCL 124.501 to 124.512, by a contractual interlocal agreement effective April 5, 1999, as amended, between local participating economic development corporations formed under the economic development corporations act, 1974 PA 338, MCL 125.1601 to 125.1636, and the Michigan strategic fund.

  • Membership means the definition of that term under section 6 as in effect for the particular fiscal year for which a particular calculation is made.