mature forest definition

mature forest means a forest older than 80 years in a Coastal Western Hemlock zone and older than 120 years in a Mountain Hemlock zone, or means a forest classed as structural stage 6;
mature forest means a forest ecosystem containing a complex set of ecological conditions and attributes, including large standing and fallen trees, well-developed understory vegetation, gaps in the canopy, multiple canopy layers, a diversity of tree ages, diameter classes and degrees of decadence, large biomass of live and dead wood of varying sizes and degrees of decadence and a significant majority of old trees, where the significant majority of dominant and co-dominant trees are 80 years or older;
mature forest means a forest with a stand age at least 80 years, or where the basal area of trees 30 cm or more in dbh is at least 40 m2/hectare and the basal area of trees 50 cm or more in dbh is at least 20 m2/hectare;

More Definitions of mature forest

mature forest means forest that is > 141 years old and < 250 years old;

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