Loss Payment Date definition

Loss Payment Date has the meaning specified in Section 7.05(a) of the Indenture.
Loss Payment Date has the meaning specified in Section 10(a) of the Lease.
Loss Payment Date means the date on which payment is due pursuant to Section 10.1.2(a)(i) of the Lease.

Examples of Loss Payment Date in a sentence

  • The Redemption Date for Certificates to be redeemed pursuant to this Section 6.01(a) shall be the Lease Loss Payment Date.

  • As used in this Lease, “Stipulated Loss Value” shall mean the product of the Total Invoice Cost of the Lost Equipment, times the percentage factor applicable to the Loss Payment Date, as set forth in the Schedule of Stipulated Loss Values incorporated in such Schedule.

  • Of particular significance has been the considerable progress made within our pipeline during 2000, across the range of our technologies.

  • If Stipulated Loss Value must be determined on a payment date other than a Stipulated Loss Payment Date shown above, such Stipulated Loss Value shall be calculated using the same assumptions and methodology used to calculate the Stipulated Loss Values shown above.

  • If the Ship becomes a Total Loss after the Delivery Date, on the Total Loss Payment Date the Lessee will pay to the Lessor the amounts pursuant to and determined in accordance with clause 18.4. Any Total Loss Proceeds or any Requisition Compensation actually and unconditionally received by the Lessor following a Total Loss or Compulsory Acquisition will be applied in accordance with clause 14.3.

More Definitions of Loss Payment Date

Loss Payment Date has the meaning specified in Section 10(a) hereof.
Loss Payment Date means with respect to any item of Equipment the date on which payment, as described in Section 16(b) hereof, is made to the Lessor by the Lessee as the result of an Event of Loss with respect to such item. The Loss Payment Date shall be within ninety (90) days of the said Event of Loss.
Loss Payment Date with respect to an Event of Loss means the 90th day following the date of the occurrence of such Event of Loss. In the event of payment in full of the Stipulated Loss Value for the Aircraft and all amounts payable pursuant to this Section 10(a):
Loss Payment Date shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8(a) hereof.
Loss Payment Date means the earlier of (i) the date on which the Lessee, the Owner or the Loan Trustee received the insurance proceeds pursuant to Section 10 of the Lease and (ii) sixty (60) days after the occurrence of an Event of Loss.
Loss Payment Date shall have the meaning specified in Section ----------------- 5.01(a).
Loss Payment Date means each monthly date set forth in Schedule I to ----------------- the Lease Supplement.