Logging Road definition

Logging Road means a road constructed to provide access to the forest for logging and/or other forest management
Logging Road means any new or existing road that is mechanically shaped where the road will be specifically used to facilitate the management or harvesting of timber.
Logging Road means a non-public road "used by trucks going to and from landings to transport logs ...". If the new road rule language refers to "logging roads", does that mean that the rule does not apply to other roads which might be used during timber operations, but which are not used by either empty or loaded log trucks?

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  • CWA Permits for Logging Road DischargesAnother federal court ruling concerning the extent of CWA permit requirements has drawn public and congressional attention.

  • For additional information, see CRS Report R42587, Whether Logging Road Runoff Requires a Clean Water Act Permit: Decker v.

  • Of this amount, $100,000 is for a grant to St. Louis County for an environmental assessment worksheet for the overall construction of the Voyageur Country ATV Trail system and connections, and $500,000 is for a grant to St. Louis County to design, plan, permit, acquire right-of-way for, and construct Voyageur Country ATV Trail from Buyck to Holmes Logging Road and to Shuster Road toward Cook.

  • Wakes Cove Park Old Logging Road 2.3 Cultural Values‌ First Nations In 2007, Eric McLay and Bill Angelbeck completed an Archaeological Inventory Study of Wakes Cove Park providing information on archaeological sites in the park and the past historical use of the area by First Nations.

  • All the interviewees overwhelmingly agreed that the deeds system has been corrupted and is seriously flawed.

  • The rates below will be used for O&C Logging Road Unilateral hauling Permits.

  • Upon recommendation by the Candidacy Examination Committee, a student failing the oral exam may be permitted to retake the oral exam, which must be taken during the subsequent semester; a maximum of two examinations will be allowed.

  • Indian Hill, LLC has applied to amend their O & C Logging Road Right-of-Way (Permit Number M-1166) agreement with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

  • Changes to the approved plat are governed by SCC 30.41A.330, with the Old Siler Logging Road being maintained as open space as shown thereon, in accordance with Conclusion No. 5.

  • I also understand that a copy of both the FRONT AND BACK of my insurance card ON A SINGLE PAGE must be submitted with this form to allow for my participation in athletics.

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  • the trunk road means the A590 Trunk Road;

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  • townsite in relation to the townsite to be established near the harbour means a townsite (whether or not constituted and defined under section 10 of the Land Act) primarily to facilitate the Company’s operations in and near the harbour and for employees of the Company and in relation to the mining areas means such a townsite or townsites or any other townsite or townsites which is or are established by the Company for the purposes of its operations and employees on or near the mining areas in lieu of a townsite constituted and defined under section 10 of the Land Act;

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  • Dry cleaning fluid means any non-aqueous liquid product designed and labeled exclusively for use on: fabrics which are labeled "for dry clean only", such as clothing or drapery; or S-coded fabrics. Dry cleaning fluid includes, but is not limited to, those products used by commercial dry cleaners and commercial businesses that clean fabrics such as draperies at the customer's residence or work place. Dry cleaning fluid does not include spot remover or carpet and upholstery cleaner. For the purposes of this definition, S-coded fabric means an upholstery fabric designed to be cleaned only with water-free spot cleaning products as specified by the Joint Industry Fabric Standards Committee.

  • Highway means the entire width between the boundary lines of every way or place open to the use

  • Loading Zone means a parking stall which is set aside for use by commercial vehicles if there is a sign referable to that stall marked ‘Loading Zone’;

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  • CPN is a Common Channel Interoffice Signaling ("CCIS") parameter which refers to the number transmitted through a network identifying the calling party.

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