Lockers definition

Lockers means lockers located within the confines of the Club and defined from time o time by the Committee.
Lockers. The Company agrees to assign a maximum of eight (8) lockers to be used by regular banquet, part-time employees. All lockers policies which apply to the utilization of lockers by full-time banquet employees. If they do wish, part-time banquet employees may share lockers provided that under no circumstances will the Company be responsible for loss or damage to contents, however caused.

Examples of Lockers in a sentence

  • Student Lockers, Desks and other School Storage Places The rules in this code of conduct regarding searches of students and their belongings do not apply to student lockers, desks and other school storage places.

  • Lockers are to be used to store school supplies and personal items necessary for use at school.

  • Whether floor of the building offered is strong enough to bear the load of strong room walls, door/s, Safes, Safe Deposit Lockers etc., YES NO9.

  • Lockers, desks, and other storage areas or compartments may be subjected to searches at any time with or without reasonable suspicion.

  • Lockers may only be opened for inspection in the presence of the employee but in cases where the employee neglects or refuses to be present or in any circumstances where notice to the employee is impracticable, such inspection may be carried out in the absence of the employee by an officer of the employer and an employee representative where practicable, otherwise by any two officers appointed by the employer for that purpose.

  • Lockers, desks, and any other storage areas at the school remain in the possession and control of the school even though they are made available or assigned for student use.

  • Lockers, desks, and storage areas are the property of the school district.

  • Lockers, desks, and other items provided for student use remain School property, and students do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in School property or in personal items placed inside School property.

  • Lockers will be opened periodically for cleaning purposes and to locate overdue library and class materials.

  • Lockers and other such property carry no expectation of privacy for the students who occupy them.

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