Licensed Merchandise definition

Licensed Merchandise means (a) with respect to merchandise subject to the Merchandising Agreement, “Licensed Merchandise” as defined therein and (b) with respect to merchandise subject to the E-Commerce Agreement, “Licensed Merchandise” as defined therein.
Licensed Merchandise means Merchandise (as that term is defined in Section 1.C below) that is approved by Licensor in accordance with Section 4 hereof and is sold or promoted by Licensee under the Licensed Xxxx.
Licensed Merchandise means any goods (including photographs and memorabilia) bearing Institution Trademarks and, with respect to the Online Store, services (including auction) bearing the Institution Trademarks.

Examples of Licensed Merchandise in a sentence

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  • Within thirty (30) days of the expiration or termination of this Agreement, Licensee shall provide Licensor with an accurate schedule of all work in process and finished inventory of Licensed Merchandise to which the Licensed Xxxx is affixed, which is on hand as of the close of business on the date of such expiration or termination (hereinafter the "Inventory").

  • From and after the Launch Date, the Operator will be responsible for all applicable product images and descriptions for Licensed Merchandise to be sold by the Operator or its Affiliates through the Institution Online Store [OPTION II: and other E-Commerce Sites in Operator’s Network], subject to and incorporating the specific terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

  • So long as no Cash Dominion Trigger Period is in effect, the Borrowers shall cause an amount equal to the estimated Revenue Share amount owing to FLC under the Merchandising Agreement for the preceding week to be deposited into the Licensed Merchandise Account at least weekly, or if required more frequently under the Licensed Merchandise Side-Letter, as frequently as required thereunder.

  • The Institution shall not take or approve any action to materially reduce the overall assortment of Licensed Merchandise made available and offered for sale by the Operator hereunder.

  • Case AT.40436 - Licensed Merchandise – Nike, available at:

  • During the entire Term, the Operator will be the exclusive provider of all services necessary to create and operate the businesses of the Department that sell Licensed Merchandise to consumers on or through the Internet and at the Retail Locations.

  • The foregoing right and license grant includes the exclusive right for the Operator to (a) sell Licensed Merchandise and Institution Sourced Merchandise at the Retail Locations, and (b) conduct any and all advertising, marketing and promotional activities related thereto; provided, however, that the foregoing right and license grant shall not prevent the Institution from allowing other advertising, marketing and promotional activities at or in the vicinity of the Retail Locations.

  • By way of example only, if a Customer purchases merchandise other than Licensed Merchandise from an E-Commerce Site within the Operator’s Network, the Institution shall not be entitled to Customer Information for such Customer.

  • The Institution may grant the Operator the right to open and operate certain off-campus retail locations for the sale of Licensed Merchandise and Institution Sourced Merchandise during the Term.

More Definitions of Licensed Merchandise

Licensed Merchandise means any goods or services bearing the Institution Trademarks or otherwise designated as licensed by the Institution’s Office of Trademark Management and Licensing.
Licensed Merchandise means the items described on Exhibit "A" attached hereto and incorporated herein as well as additional items that may be mutually agreed to by the parties in writing and added to Exhibit "A" during the term of this Agreement.
Licensed Merchandise means Merchandise (as that term is defined in Section 1.C below) that is approved by Licensor in accordance with
Licensed Merchandise means Merchandise that is manufactured, sold or promoted by or on behalf of Licensee and which bears the Licensed Xxxx.
Licensed Merchandise means Merchandise intended to be sold or promoted in connection with a Licensed Mark; the term "Approved Licensed Merchandise" means Licensed Mercxxxxise approved by Licensor in accordance with the provisions hereof. The term "Category" means each of the categories of Approved License Merchandise set forth in Schedule 1.3.
Licensed Merchandise means Merchandise that contains the Licensed Xxxx.

Related to Licensed Merchandise

  • Merchandise means any personal property offered or sold for use in connection with the funeral, final disposition, memorialization, or interment of human remains, but which is exclusive of interment rights.

  • Cemetery merchandise means merchandise described in section 4(1)(k)(i).

  • Licensed Services means all functions performed by the Licensed System.

  • Licensed Products means tangible materials which, in the course of manufacture, use, sale, or importation, would be within the scope of one or more claims of the Licensed Patent Rights that have not been held unpatentable, invalid or unenforceable by an unappealed or unappealable judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction.

  • Distressed merchandise means an alcoholic product in the possession of the

  • Products means information resources technologies that are, or are related to, EIR.

  • Licensed System means, collectively:

  • Licensed Materials means any materials that Executive utilizes for the benefit of the Company (or any Subsidiary thereof), or delivers to the Company or the Company’s Customers, which (a) do not constitute Work Product, (b) are created by Executive or of which Executive is otherwise in lawful possession and (c) Executive may lawfully utilize for the benefit of, or distribute to, the Company or the Company’s Customers.

  • Licensed Site means a place in any authorised street at which street trading may be engaged in by a Licence Holder, and includes any temporary alternative place approved by the Council or a duly authorised Officer of the Council.

  • Licensed User means a natural person employed by or under contract to Licensee who is assigned a unique and fixed user account to consume one license to use the Licensed Software, Output, or an Application, under this License Agreement, regardless of whether such individual is actively using the Licensed Software, Output, or an Application at any given time. Licenses for Licensed Users are priced on a per seat or site subscription basis.

  • Licensed Material means the artistic or literary work, database, or other material to which the Licensor applied this Public License.

  • Hemp products or “hemp-infused products” means all products with the federally defined tetrahydrocannabinol concentration level for hemp derived from, or made by, processing hemp plants or plant parts that are prepared in a form available for commercial sale, including cosmetics, personal care products, food intended for animal or human consumption, cloth, cordage, fiber, fuel, paint, paper, construction materials, plastics, and any product containing one or more hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol.

  • Licensed Property means the portion of the Software and the Documentation to which Customer has purchased a License as identified on an applicable Order. Licensed Property shall include any updates or upgrades to the Licensed Property that AvePoint may at its discretion deliver to Customer.

  • Licensed Marks means the Localized Game Marks and such other trademarks expressly authorized in writing by Shengqu to be used by the Licensees.

  • Licensed service area means the geographic area in which the home service provider is authorized by law or contract to provide commercial mobile radio service to the customer.

  • Licensed Fields of Use means the fields of use identified in Appendix B.

  • the Products means all products and associated documentation to be supplied under this Contract;

  • Licensed Software includes error corrections, upgrades, enhancements or new releases, and any deliverables due under a maintenance or service contract (e.g., patches, fixes, PTFs, programs, code or data conversion, or custom programming).

  • Goods means all of the equipment, machinery, and/or other materials that the supplier is required to supply to the purchaser under the contract.

  • Product means any deliverable under the Contract, which may include commodities, services, technology or software.

  • Licensed Processes means processes which, in the course of being practiced, would be within the scope of one or more claims of the Licensed Patent Rights that have not been held unpatentable, invalid or unenforceable by an unappealed or unappealable judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction.

  • Cannabis products means cannabis that has undergone a process whereby the plant material has been transformed into a concentrate, including, but not limited to, concentrated cannabis, or an edible or topical product containing cannabis or concentrated cannabis and other ingredients.

  • Licensed Area means the area in which the Licensee is authorised to