Identification Badge definition

Identification Badge means a physical badge issued to any natural person possessing an Owner License or Employee License, used to verify the identity of the natural persons on the Licensed Premises of a Regulated Marijuana Business.
Identification Badge means a badge in the form set out in the Second Schedule;
Identification Badge means a badge in the form set out in the second schedule;

Examples of Identification Badge in a sentence

  • Possession of and display of a proper and current Airport Identification Badge, issued by Airport Operations is required for all Contractor personnel passing into the AOA.

  • It is the Bidders responsibility to see that every employee on the Bidder’s work force is provided and wears an Identification Badge or company shirt/uniform in order to maintain security at the school’s facility.

  • The Contractor and each of the Contractor’s employees, as well as each Subcontractor of any tier and any workers working on behalf of Subcontractor, shall be required to wear a Capital Metro Contractor Photo Identification Badge (“badge”) at all times while on the Authority’s premises.

  • Airport Identification Badge holders are specifically subject to inspection/screening by the Port of Seattle or Transportation Security Administration when accessing, or present within, the secured or sterile area of the Airport.

  • Revocation in this case is defined by removal of the Airport Identification Badge and all unescorted access to Restricted Access Area of the Airport.

  • The use of an Airport Identification Badge by anyone other than the person originally issued to is strictly prohibited.

  • Airport Identification Badge RevocationA revocation may be levied against a person who has committed a serious security Violation, or several security Violations.

  • If the CHRC discloses any disqualifying crime convictions, a SIDA Identification Badge will not be issued.

  • All persons in possession of, or applying for an Airport Identification Badge, and those with authority to authorize the application for or possession of Airport Identification Badges for use at the Airport must comply with the 49 CFR 1520, 49 CFR 1540 and 49 CFR 1542.

  • The AOA/Driving Airport Identification Badge is issued only to those persons who have passed TSA-mandated background checks.Restricted Access Area Badge (Red)Issued to those persons authorized for unescorted access to the Restricted Access Area.

More Definitions of Identification Badge

Identification Badge means a badge in form set out in Schedule B;
Identification Badge means a badge in the form set out in schedule B;
Identification Badge. Means an official identity card (badge) used for the purpose of entering the Air Operations Area and other restricted areas of the Airport issued and approved by the Administration for Airport employees.

Related to Identification Badge

  • Identification card means the cards AvMed issues to Members. The card is our property and is not transferable to another person. Possession of such card in no way verifies that a particular individual is eligible for, or covered under, this Contract.

  • Identification means the process of determining a person’s identity through a database search against multiple sets of data (one-to-many check);

  • Automatic Location Identification (“ALI”) means a feature that provides the caller’s telephone number, address and the names of the Emergency Response agencies that are responsible for that address.

  • User Identification means any unique user name (i.e., a series of characters) that is assigned to a person or entity by the Insured.

  • Baggage Identification Tag means a document issued by the carrier solely for identification of checked baggage, part of which is given to the passenger as a receipt for the passenger’s checked baggage and the remaining part is attached by the carrier onto a particular piece of the passenger’s checked baggage.

  • DoD item unique identification means a system of marking items delivered to DoD with unique item identifiers that have machine- readable data elements to distinguish an item from all other like and unlike items. For items that are serialized within the enterprise identifier, the unique item identifier shall include the data elements of the enterprise identifier and a unique serial number. For items that are serialized within the part, lot, or batch number within the enterprise identifier, the unique item identifier shall include the data elements of the enterprise identifier; the original part, lot, or batch number; and the serial number.

  • Caller identification service means a service that allows a telephone sub- scriber to have the telephone number, and, where available, name of the call- ing party transmitted contempora- neously with the telephone call, and displayed on a device in or connected to the subscriber’s telephone.

  • Vehicle identification number means the number, letters, or combination of numbers and letters

  • Automatic identification device means a device, such as a reader or interrogator, used to retrieve data encoded on machine-readable media.

  • Positive identification means a method of identifying a person that does not rely on the use of a private personal identifier such as a password, but must use a secure means of identification that includes any of the following:

  • Automatic Number Identification or "ANI" means a Feature Group D signaling parameter which refers to the number transmitted through a network identifying the billing number of the calling party.

  • Proper identification as used above, means information generally deemed sufficient to identify you, which includes documents such as a valid driver’s license, social security account number, military identification card, and credit cards. Only if you cannot identify yourself with such information may the ICRA require additional information concerning your employment and personal or family history in order to verify your identity.

  • Registry identification card means a document issued by the department that identifies a person as a registered qualifying patient or registered primary caregiver.

  • EPA identification number means the number assigned by EPA to each generator, transporter, and treatment, storage, or disposal facility.

  • Employer identification number means the Federal Social Security number used on the Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return, U.S. Treasury Department Form 941.

  • Identifying number means a symbol or address that identifies only one unit in a common interest community.

  • Radio frequency identification (RFID means an automatic identification and data capture technology comprising one or more reader/interrogators and one or more radio frequency transponders in which data transfer is achieved by means of suitably modulated inductive or radiating electromagnetic carriers.

  • Taxpayer Identification (TIN), as used in this provision, means the number required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to be used by the offeror in reporting income tax and other returns. The TIN may be either a social security number or an employer identification number.