Holiday Hours definition

Holiday Hours means 12:01AM-11:59PM on any statutory holiday in the Province of Ontario, with the exception of Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, or Easter Sunday, of which Armagh POS Solutions is closed;

Examples of Holiday Hours in a sentence

  • Sunday and Holiday Hours – Any hours worked on Sunday or State of California holidays.When coordinated scheduling for projects between the State and the Contractor occurs, the State and the Contractor may mutually agree that hours worked between 5:00PM and 7:59AM, Monday through Friday and all day Saturday and any hours worked on Sunday or State of California holidays can be classified as Regular Hours in accordance with the State of California Department of Industrial Relations.

  • Recording Holiday Hours on the Web Timesheet Non-Exempt EmployeesNon-exempt employees are required to record their holiday leave and any time worked on a holiday (holiday premium pay) on their timesheet.

  • If an employee works on an observed Holiday, the employee will need to enter the hours worked with the regular hours worked earn code and the applicable Holiday Hours Worked code (Comp or Cash) with a matching number of units.

  • If an employee works on a holiday, the timesheet should reflect Board Appointed Holiday earn code, Holiday Hours Worked earn code and the Regular Hours earn code.

  • If you must work on a day that UI is closed for a holiday; regular hours should be recorded for hours worked and the equal number of units recorded on Holiday Hours Worked earn code.

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  • On-Site Labour Rate Table Service Plan Business Hours Extended Hours Holiday Hours With Active Software Support Subscription $150/hr Credit Card** $150/hr $195/hr $260/hr **Minimum 2 hour charge applies to all on-site service calls, plus $15.00 fuel surcharge.

  • Overtime HoursOvertime hours are considered to be all hours other than Normal Working Hours, (defined above) and Holiday Hours, (defined below).

  • The only exception is for an employee on approved FMLA leave for one or both of the days.6.04.4 Holiday Hours for Overtime Purposes For the purpose of computing overtime, all holiday hours worked or not worked but paid under this Policy shall be regarded as “hours worked”.

  • CCUA’s official holiday schedule is located on CCUA’s website ( Holiday Hours: CCUA (

Related to Holiday Hours

  • Holiday means the twenty-four (24) hour period commencing at 0001 hours of a day designated as a paid holiday in this Agreement.

  • Holidays means a public holiday for the purpose of Section 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 or such other day on which the office of the Authority remains closed for the day.

  • Peak Hours or “Peak Period” means the period with the highest ridership during the entire transit service day as determined by the transit operator. Must include at least one hour during the morning commute hours and one during evening commute hours, Monday through Friday. Each Peak Period cannot be longer than three hours.

  • Weekday means Monday – Friday.

  • Weekend means a Saturday and the following Sunday, assuring a minimum of fifty-six (56) hours off duty;

  • Public Holidays means those days declared as public holidays in accordance with the Holidays Act 1983.

  • Hours means clock hours.

  • Legal Holidays has the meaning specified in Section 1.14.

  • School Hours means those times (of which Parents will be made aware from time to time) during which the School will make available Education Services on the School Premises.

  • NERC Holidays mean the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Three of these days, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day, occur on the same day each year. Memorial Day is the last Monday in May; Labor Day is the first Monday in September; and Thanksgiving Day is the fourth (4th) Thursday in November. New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and Christmas Day occur on the same date each year, but in the event any of these holidays occur on a Sunday, the “NERC Holiday” is celebrated on the Monday immediately following that Sunday; and if any of these holidays occur on a Saturday, the “NERC Holiday” remains on that Saturday. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section 4.2, NERC Holidays shall be calculated as “Shoulder” hours for all non-“Night” hours and any remaining hours shall be calculated as “Night” hours.

  • public holiday means any day that is a public holiday in terms of the Public Holiday Act, 1994 (Act No. 36 of 1994);

  • On-Peak Hours means Hour Ending (“HE”) 0800 through HE 2300 EPT, Monday through Friday, excluding Saturday, Sunday and PJM holidays.

  • Base Hours means the hours of work for which a staff member receives compensation. Base hours shall include overtime hours for which a staff member is paid additional or overtime compensation, and hours for which a staff member receives workers’ compensation benefits. Base hours shall also include hours a staff member would have worked except for having been in military service. Base hours do not include hours for when a staff member receives other types of compensation, such as administrative, personal leave, vacation, or sick leave.

  • Core Hours means the period beginning at 8am and ending at 6.30pm on any day from Monday to Friday except Good Friday, Christmas Day or bank holidays;

  • Operating Hours means the time, expressed in hours, during which a combustion plant, in whole or in part, is operating and discharging emissions into the air, excluding start-up and shut-down periods;

  • Working Day means a day (other than a Saturday or Sunday) on which banks are open for general business in the City of London.

  • General Holiday means every Sunday and any other day which is a

  • Off-Peak Hours means those hours which are not On-Peak Hours.

  • Workweek means any seven (7) consecutive days, starting with the same calendar day each week. "Workweek" is a fixed and regularly recurring period of 168 hours, seven (7) consecutive 24-hour periods.

  • Week means seven consecutive days.

  • Training hour means at least 50 minutes of actual learning, including, but not limited to, time devoted to lecture, learning activities, small group activities, demonstrations, evaluations, and hands-on experience.

  • Clock hour means either of the following:

  • Bank Holiday means any day that is specified or proclaimed as a bank holiday, pursuant to section 1 of the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971;

  • Statutory Holiday means New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day; and

  • Afternoon shift means any shift finishing after 6.00 p.m. and at or before midnight.

  • Hour means an hour of sixty minutes. For the purpose of hire and / or penalty charges, fraction of an hour up to 30 (thirty) minutes will not be taken into account and more than 30 (thirty) minutes will be treated as one full hour.