HHSC definition

HHSC means the Health and Human Services Commission. “Health and Human Services” or “HHS” includes HHSC and DSHS.

Examples of HHSC in a sentence

As part of the services, Grantee must provide to HHSC upon request a copy of those portions of Grantee's and its Subcontractors' internal audit reports relating to the services and Deliverables provided to the State under the Contract.

In addition, agencies of the State of Texas that shall have a right of access to records as described in this section include: the System Agency, HHSC, HHSC's contracted examiners, the State Auditor’s Office, the Office of the Texas Attorney General, and any successor agencies.

HHSC is a state agency whose authority and appropriations are subject to actions of the Texas Legislature.

Notice provided pursuant to this section must be directed to: HHSC Civil Rights Office, 701 W.

HHSC may also obtain substitute goods and services, may withhold acceptance and payments to the Contractor and may pursue all available rights and remedies against the Contractor.

More Definitions of HHSC

HHSC means the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, any of its regions, hospitals, facilities, affiliates or any of the officers or other officials lawfully representing HHSC.
HHSC means the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. “Holder” means the beneficial holder of any Claim or Interest.
HHSC or “System Agency”) and Texana Center (“Contractor,” “Grantee,” “Local Government,” “Local Mental Health Authority,” or “Local Behavioral Health Authority”), each a “Party” and collectivelyParties” to the Local Mental Health Authority Performance Agreement Interlocal Cooperation Contract, effective September 1, 2019, as amended, and denominated HHS000537200009 (the “Contract”), now want to further amend the Contract.