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GLI means GL, Inc., a Massachusetts corporation (formerly known as Gold Lance, Inc., a Massachusetts corporation).

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The GLI Program is a defined benefit plan that provides a basic group life insurance benefit for employees of participating employers.

Gabelli Securities International Limited Gage Limited Gemini Capital Management, LLC GLI, Inc.

For purposes of measuring the net GLI Program OPEB liability, deferred outflows of resources and deferred inflows of resources related to the GLI OPEB, and GLI OPEB expense, information about the fiduciary net position of the VRS GLI Program OPEB and the additions to/deductions from the VRS GLI OPEB’s net fiduciary position have been determined on the same basis as they were reported by VRS.

Group Life Insurance The Virginia Retirement System (VRS) Group Life Insurance (GLI) Program provides coverage to state employees, teachers, and employees of participating political subdivisions.

These basins are Lake Michigan - Great Lakes Initiative (GLI), St. Joseph River and Maumee River Basins.

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GLI has the meaning specified in the first paragraph of this Agreement.
GLI is defined in the third recital.
GLI means Galey & Lord, Inc., a corporation incorporated under the laws of Delaware.
GLI means GLI, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and its successors and assigns.
GLI. PreambleIndemnified Matters” 9.6 “Indemnitees” 9.6 “Intercompany Note” 5.4(b) “Interest Coverage RatioExhibit 4.2(b) “Interest Expense” Exhibit 4.2(b) “Investments” 5.4