Fully collateralized definition

Fully collateralized means secured by marketable securities acceptable to the Inspector and cash deposits, including certificates of deposit and equivalent instruments, held with the specific right of offset by and under the exclusive administration of the licensee, where repayment of the deposit is conditional on the repayment of the related extension(s) of credit. Such collateral must have a market value equal to at least one hundred percent of the extension of credit. The licensee would have to show it has the ability and that it will regularly mark these securities to market during the loan and take immediate action if this valuation shows a shortfall of collateral.
Fully collateralized means, in respect of a transaction mentioned in paragraph 1 of Schedule 5, that such transaction meets the criteria in paragraphs 2 to 4 of Schedule 5;
Fully collateralized means MTM changes are fully offset by variation margin. This also applies to cases where the MTM is settled (i.e. a settlement payment).

Examples of Fully collateralized in a sentence

  • Fully collateralized direct repurchase agreements with a defined termination date secured by obligations of the United States or its agencies and instrumentalities.

More Definitions of Fully collateralized

Fully collateralized means that throughout the term of the securities lending arrangement the borrower provided collateral (cash or government debt securities only) with a value not less than 95% of the value of the loaned shares
Fully collateralized means that the value of the collateral security is, and during the entire term of the agreement remains, at least equal to the amount of the “loanincluding accrued interest.

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  • Letter of Credit Obligations means all outstanding obligations incurred by Agent and Lenders at the request of Borrower, whether direct or indirect, contingent or otherwise, due or not due, in connection with the issuance of Letters of Credit by Agent or another L/C Issuer or the purchase of a participation as set forth in Annex B with respect to any Letter of Credit. The amount of such Letter of Credit Obligations shall equal the maximum amount that may be payable by Agent or Lenders thereupon or pursuant thereto.