fruit definition

fruit means fruit in the botanical sense but does not include dried, dehydrated, lacquered or deep frozen fruit;
fruit means any fleshy portion of the plant, that contains seeds, which is used for consumption, including seedless fruit both fresh and dry but does not include preserved or prickled or frozen fruits.
fruit means the product of any plant, and includes the peel, skin, or shell of any such product, and also the seeds of any plant;

Examples of fruit in a sentence

  • Fruit tree harvesting begins in the fourth year, and thereafter in 10 yearsthe timber treescan be exploited.

  • Fruit of smaller sizes may be accepted, if the Brix level of the produce is equal to or greater than to 10,5° Brix and the size is not smaller than 50 mm or 70 g.

  • Matakala and F.R. Kwesiga (2008), Indigenous Fruit Trees in the Tropics: Domestication, Utilization and Commercialization.

  • Fruit and vegetables not covered by a specific marketing standard shall conform to the general marketing standard.

  • Fruit and vegetableassessment: performance of 2 new short instruments and a food frequency questionnaire.

More Definitions of fruit

fruit means fresh, sound fruit, free from deterioration, containing all of its essential constituents and sufficiently ripe for use, after cleaning, removal of blemishes, topping and tailing, and includes ginger, tomatoes, the edible parts of rhubarb stalks, carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, melons and watermelons;
fruit means any fruit that may host codling moth;
fruit means a part of a plant that could or does contain a seed and includes the peduncle (the stalk of the fruit cluster) and pedicel (the stalk of a single fruit);
fruit means all the recognized fruit pulp and fruit puree and those vegetables pulp and vegetable puree recognised as suitable in adding to a dairy product and imitation dairy products;
fruit means all fruits commonly recognised as human food, and includes ginger, melon, tomato, and rhubarb, but does not include cucumber, chestnut, pumpkin or squash;
fruit means pipfruit grown or sourced by the Supplier during the relevant Season specified in this Agreement.
fruit means an edible part of a fruit and/or vegetable, either fresh or preserved, presented as but not limited to pulp, puree or fruit juice concentrate;