For the purpose definition

For the purpose. Front Running" means the process of:
For the purpose means intention; DOES NOT mean motivation

Examples of For the purpose in a sentence

  • For the purpose of a permit-to-install document, the facility-wide terms and conditions identified below are federally enforceable with the exception of those listed below which are enforceable under state law only.

  • For the purpose of a permit-to-operate document, the facility-wide terms and conditions identified below are enforceable under state law only with the exception of those listed below which are federally enforceable.

  • For the purpose of a permit-to-operate document, the emissions unit terms and conditions identified below are enforceable under state law only with the exception of those listed below which are federally enforceable.

  • For the purpose of a permit-to-install document, the emissions unit terms and conditions identified below are federally enforceable with the exception of those listed below which are enforceable under state law only.

  • For the purpose of facilitating the recordation of this Agreement as herein provided and for other purposes, this Agreement may be executed simultaneously in any number of counterparts, each of which counterparts shall be deemed to be an original, and such counterparts shall constitute but one and the same instrument.

  • For the purpose of these provisions, the term “the Commonwealth” shall refer to the contracting Commonwealth agency.

  • For the purpose of computing the discount earned, payment shall be considered to have been made on the date which appears on the payment check or the specified payment date if an electronic funds transfer payment is made.

  • For the purpose of this permit “calendar year” means the twelve (12) month period from January 1 to December 31 inclusive.

  • For the purpose of this Section, the term “default” means any event which is, or after notice or lapse of time or both would become, an Event of Default with respect to Securities of such series.

  • For the purpose of any adjustment, any specified event shall be deemed to have occurred at the close of business on the date of its occurrence.

Related to For the purpose

  • Home for the aged means that term as defined in section 20106 of the public health code, 1978 PA 368, MCL 333.20106.

  • Purpose means that detailed in Schedule 1.

  • Purposes or “goals” means the methods or educational emphases chosen by an institution to fulfill its mission. The institution’s purposes relate to why the institution was founded, its particular point of view, its unique or special character, and its relationship to the community it serves.

  • Agreed Purpose has the meaning given to it in clause 3.2 of this Agreement. Business Day: a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in England when banks in London are open for business. Business Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday on a day that is not a public holiday. CEO: Chief Executive Officer Criminal Offence Data is personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences or related security measures and includes personal data relating to the alleged commission of offences by the data subject, or proceedings for an offence committed or alleged to have been committed by the data subject or the disposal of such proceedings, including sentencing. (DPA 2018 S11 (2)).

  • Person responsible for the child s care” means (1) an individual functioning within the family unit and having responsibilities for the care of the child such as a parent, guardian, or other person having similar care responsibilities, or (2) an individual functioning outside the family unit and having responsibilities for the care of the child such as a teacher, school administrator, other school employees or agents, or other lawful custodian of a child having either full-time or short-term care responsibilities including, but not limited to, day care, babysitting whether paid or unpaid, counseling, teaching, and coaching.

  • Agreed Purposes as defined in Section 10.14.

  • Legitimate Purposes means sharing of UPSI in the ordinary course of business by an Insider with the following, provided that such sharing has not been carried out to evade or circumvent the prohibitions of these regulations:

  • Legitimate Purpose means sharing of UPSI in the ordinary course of business or on a need-to-know basis. The Company may share the UPSI if required in the interest of the Company.

  • Primary Purpose means the collection, use, or disclosure of information collected by the Company or supplied by the Customer in order to: (1) provide, bill, or collect for, regulated electric service; (2) provide for system, grid, or operational needs; (3) provide services as required by state or federal law or as specifically authorized by an order of the Commission; (4) plan, implement, or evaluate programs, products or services related to energy assistance, demand response, energy management, energy efficiency, or renewable energy by the Company or under contract with the Company, under contract with the Commission, or as part of a Commission-authorized program conducted by an entity under the supervision of the Commission, or pursuant to state or federal statutes governing energy assistance; and (5) disclosure of customer name and address to a provider of appliance repair services in compliance with MCL 460.10a(9)(a), or to otherwise comply with the Code of Conduct.

  • Internal Purposes means Customer’s use within its business (or if You are an individual, use as a consumer), to process and manage shipments tendered to UPSI for Your sole benefit, and not for the benefit of others. For clarity, Internal Purposes does not include the resale, distribution, redistribution or granting access to UPS Technology or Information to third parties, nor does it include use of any UPS Technology or Information when performing services as a Service Provider, unless UPS has allowed such use in a separate writing (e.g., a Data Exchange Order Form), or use of any UPS Technology or Information to provide transportation or logistics services to a third party. LID means a designation assigned to a physical location.

  • definition of Monthly Advance" in Article I is hereby amended in its entirety to read as follows:

  • Multiple purposes in relation to a property, shall mean the use of a property for more than one purpose.

  • Secondary Purpose means any purpose that is not a Primary Purpose.

  • Production Purposes means using the Software (a) in a production environment, (b) generally using live data and/or applications for a purpose other than Development Purposes, (c) for multi-user prototyping, quality assurance and testing and/or (d) for backup instances. “Supported Hardware” means the hardware and platforms that are listed at (i) xxxxx:// and xxxx:// for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Subscriptions, (ii) xxxx:// for Red Hat JBoss Middleware Subscriptions, and (iii) xxxxx:// for Red Hat Gluster Storage Subscriptions and (iv) xxxxx:// for Red Hat Ceph Storage Subscriptions. “Evaluation Subscriptions” are Subscription Services provided for the sole purpose of evaluating the suitability of the Subscription Services for your future purchase from Red Hat or through one of our authorized Business Partners (“Evaluation Purposes”), and not for Production Purposes, Development Purposes or any other purpose. “Support Contact(s)” is a person authorized by you to open support requests and/or contact Red Hat support personnel.

  • additional purpose means a purpose for which no expenditure estimate is included in the local government’s annual budget.

  • Determining Party For all applicable Extraordinary Events, Dealer. Non-Reliance: Applicable Agreements and Acknowledgments Regarding Hedging Activities: Applicable Additional Acknowledgments: Applicable

  • Common Purposes shall include the purposes of managing and maintaining the Premises, the Buildings and in particular the Common Portions, rendition of services in common to the Unit Owners, collection and disbursement of the Common Expenses and dealing with the matters of common interest of the Unit Owners and relating to their mutual rights and obligations for the beneficial use and enjoyment of their respective Units exclusively and the Common Portions in common.

  • School purposes means purposes that customarily take place at the direction of a teacher or the Board, or aid in the administration of school activities, including but not limited to instruction in the classroom, administrative activities and collaboration among students, school personnel or parents or legal guardians of students.

  • Approved Purpose means the activity or purpose for which the Hirer wishes to use the Venue (and for which the Shire has had an opportunity to assess and approve)

  • Permitted Purpose means any activity or process to be undertaken or supervised by a Staff member of one Party during the term of this Agreement, for which purpose authorised disclosure of the other Party’s Confidential Information or Intellectual Property is a prerequisite in order to enable such activity or process to be accomplished;

  • Definitions As used in this appendix, “Software” means a specific NetIQ software product for which You have Purchase Documentation issued to You by NetIQ or NetIQ’s agent. Unless defined in this appendix, capitalized terms have the meaning given in the parent Agreement. • STANDARD TERMS: Use the Software family headers and the product and license type tags below to locate the Product Use Rights terms applicable to the Software. Your usage of the Software must be consistent with such terms and with the unit count on Your purchase documentation. Product use rights terms below for other license types or products do not apply to You. • LIMITED USE RESTRICTIONS: Notwithstanding the standard terms below, Your rights may be limited by restrictions which were part of Your Software license acquisition. If such restrictions apply to Your license, then You must apply the restrictions in the broadest possible manner in interpreting Your product and license type rights below.

  • Approved Purposes means the use of Data by the Provider for the purposes of providing services authorized by APS in Agreements entered into between APS and the Provider (“Authorized Services”) during the term of the SDUPA., and for no other purpose.

  • public purpose means the public purpose described in the preamble to this Resolution;

  • CRD IV Implementing Measures means any regulatory capital rules or regulations or other requirements, which are applicable to the Issuer and which prescribe (alone or in conjunction with any other rules, regulations or other requirements) the requirements to be fulfilled by financial instruments for their inclusion in the regulatory capital of the Issuer (on a non-consolidated or consolidated basis) to the extent required by the CRD IV Directive or the CRR, including for the avoidance of doubt and without limitation any regulatory technical standards released from time to time by the European Banking Authority (or any successor or replacement thereof);

  • Begin actual construction means, in general, initiation of physical on-site construction activities on an emissions unit which are of a permanent nature. Such activities include, but are not limited to, installation of building supports and foundations, laying of underground pipework, and construction of permanent storage structures. With respect to a change in method of operation, this term refers to those on-site activities, other than preparatory activities, which mark the initiation of the change.