Explicitly definition

Explicitly means that the guarantee must be linked to a specific Exposure or
Explicitly means that the guarantee must be linked to a specific Exposure or Exposures, so that the extent of the guarantee’s coverage is clearly defined;
Explicitly means that the request for confidentiality has been clearly expressed, distinctly stated or made definite. There may be documentary evidence that shows that the information was provided on the understanding that it would be kept confidential (Guide to FOIP, Ch. 4, p 289).

Examples of Explicitly in a sentence

  • Explicitly describe how the proposed project will meet the criteria.• Don’t make assumptions.

  • Explicitly state the main hypotheses that you will investigate, the data you will create or use, the analytical tools you will use to investigate these hypotheses or analyze these data and the results you expect to achieve.

  • Explicitly describe how the proposed project will meet the criteria. Don’t make assumptions.

  • Explicitly state the procedures or methodology you will apply to the proposed effort.

  • Explicitly authorized personnel include, for example, security administrators, system and network administrators, system security officers, system maintenance personnel, system programmers, and other privileged users.

  • Explicitly religious activities include activities that involve overt religious content such as worship, religious instruction, prayer, or proselytization.

  • Explicitly or implicitly offering benefits of any nature in exchange for sexual favors.

  • Explicitly indicate how each person or entity is related to the case.

  • Determination of Alkali and Halide Monovalent Ion Parameters for Use in Explicitly Solvated Biomolecular Simulations.

  • Explicitly identify the geographic and operational areas comprising the scope of location water usage (e.g., the campus as defined by its Long Range Development Plan boundary, excluding third-party operated facilities).

More Definitions of Explicitly

Explicitly means a position is specifically addressed in the law; i.e., the definition of employee specifically lists a contractor in a position of authority over the victim.
Explicitly means that the request for confidentiality has been clearly expressed, distinctly stated or made definite. There may be documentary evidence that shows that the information was obtained with the understanding that it would be kept confidential. Factors to consider when determining if information was obtained in confidence explicitly include (not exhaustive):

Related to Explicitly

  • Service Terms means the service terms applicable to each Service, which are made part of this Agreement upon the date you elect to register for or use the applicable Service, and any subsequent modifications we make to those terms.

  • Service Schedules has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.

  • Standard Terms and Conditions or “Standard Terms” means these terms and conditions for the grant of the Loan to the Borrower by ABFL.

  • Individual Agreement means an employment, consulting or similar agreement between a Participant and the Company or one of its Subsidiaries or Affiliates.

  • Mutual Agreement is defined to mean an agreement between the Union and the Employer.

  • Service Schedule means the service schedule attached to the Side Agreement as Schedule 2.

  • Service documentation means all records and information on one or more documents, including documents that may be created or maintained in electronic software programs, created and maintained contemporaneously with the delivery of services, and kept in a manner as to fully disclose the nature and extent of services delivered that shall include the items delineated in paragraph (E) of this rule to validate payment for medicaid services.

  • standard term sheet means a written communication intended for potential investors regarding a distribution of securities under a prospectus that contains no information other than that referred to in subsections 13.5(2) and (3), subsections 13.6(2) and (3), subsections 7.5(2) and (3) of NI 44-101, subsections 9A.2(2) and (3) of NI 44-102 or subsections 4A.2(2) and (3) of NI 44-103, relating to an issuer, securities or an offering, but does not include the following:

  • Reciprocal agreement means an agreement between this state and a higher education compact or 1 or more other states that allows participating colleges to provide distance education to residents of this state and other member states under this act.

  • A Term's Written Notice means Notice given before the first day of a Term and expiring at the end of that Term. A Term's Written Notice must be given if:

  • General Agreement means the Government Officers Salaries, Allowances and Conditions General Agreement PSA AG 25 of 2002 or its replacement or the Public Service General Agreement PSA AG 24 of 2002 or its replacement whichever is applicable.

  • processing of personal data (“processing”) shall mean any operation or set of operations which is performed upon personal data, whether or not by automatic means, such as collection, recording, organisation, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, blocking, erasure or destruction;

  • Terms-of-service agreement means an agreement that controls the relationship between a user and a custodian.

  • Restructuring Term Sheet means the term sheet attached as Exhibit A to the Restructuring Support Agreement.

  • personal data filing system ('filing system') shall mean any structured set of personal data which are accessible according to specific criteria, whether centralized, decentralized or dispersed on a functional or geographical basis;

  • Service Agreement means the initial agreement and any amendments or supplements thereto entered into by the Transmission Customer and the Transmission Provider for service under the Tariff.

  • Local Agreement means an agreement describing the implementation of the matters described in this Agreement (including, without limitation, matters regarding employment, compensation and employee benefits) with respect to Non-U.S. Employees in accordance with applicable non-U.S. Law in the custom of the applicable jurisdictions.

  • End User Agreement means any agreement that Eligible Users are required to sign in order to participate in this Contract, including an end user agreement, customer agreement, memorandum of understanding, statement of work, lease agreement, service level agreement, or any other named separate agreement.

  • Special Terms and Conditions means any attachment hereto entitled, in whole or in part, “Special Terms and Conditions.”

  • Transition Agreement means the Transition Power Sales Agreement dated as of November 24, 1998, by and between Seller, Southern Energy, Southern Energy Bowline, L.L.C. and Southern Energy Xxxxxx, L.L.C.

  • Incentive agreement means the contract between the business

  • Relevant Terms and Conditions means terms and conditions relating to:

  • Supplier Agreement means this overarching agreement, consisting of these terms and conditions and any schedules to them, setting out the arrangements for management of the DPS, the process to apply when a Customer wishes to award Service Agreements via the DPS and the terms and conditions applicable to the carrying out of Service Agreements;

  • Service Software means any and all software applications and any third-party or other software, and all new versions, updates, revisions, improvements and modifications of the foregoing, that Contractor provides remote access to and use of as part of the Services.

  • Delegation Agreement means any separate agreement entered into between the Custodian and the Fund or its authorized representative with respect to certain matters concerning the appointment and administration of Subcustodians delegated to the Custodian pursuant to Rule 17f-5 under the 1940 Act.

  • General Terms and Conditions means the General Terms and Conditions for Services Contracts as referenced on the RFP cover page.