Embryo definition

Embryo means a cell or group of cells containing a diploid
Embryo or "fetus" means the developing human organism from conception until time of birth.
Embryo means the organism resulting from the union of a sperm and an ovum from first cell

Examples of Embryo in a sentence

  • Embryo survival, incubation duration, and length-at-hatch were inversely related to temperature whereas yolk-sac volume increased with temperature within study groups.

  • The overall objective of the Division of Anatomy Biomedical Research Program is to provide an educational background for students wishing to become an NIH-funded principal investigator that includes a fundamental understanding of the four major subdisciplines in Anatomy (Gross, Neuro, Histo, & Embryo) in conjunction with a strong background in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

  • Embryo survival was highest under medium light, and light intensity had no effect on incubation duration.

More Definitions of Embryo

Embryo means a developing human organism after fertilization till the end of eight weeks (fifty-six days);
Embryo means a developing or developed organism after fertilisation till the end of fifty-six days;
Embryo means a human embryo formed by the fertilisation of a human egg by a human sperm;
Embryo means a human offspring in the first eight weeks from conception;
Embryo means an embryo as defined in the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (Canada);
Embryo or “fetus” means the developing human organism from conception until birth.