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Embryo means a cell or group of cells containing a diploid complement of
Embryo means a human organism during the first 56 days of its development following fertilization or creation, excluding any time during which its development has been suspended, and includes any cell derived from such an organism that is used for the purpose of creating a human being;
Embryo means an embryo as defined in the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (Canada);

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Manipulating Tamura, K., Sawai, T., Nobunaga, T., Oteki, T., Kumagai, K., and the Mouse Embryo: A Laboratory Manual (Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Toyota, T.

Enhanced Recovery of Avian Influenza Virus Isolates using a Combination of Chicken Embryo Inoculation Methods.

If you fail to notify us of a secondary registration affiliated or secondary foal resulting from Embryo Transfer a $150 late fee will for late breeders report entries.Credit Card information (card will be charged upon receipt of contract 3% fee applied)Please charge my credit card for all fees incurred in breeding my mare on Ranch or via shipped semen.

Embryo and oocyte cryopreservation are the first strategies to be offered to patients interested in fertilitypreservation, including BRCA carriers (Oktay et al., 2018; Paluch-Shimonet al., 2017; Peccatori et al., 2013).

Embryo development within the micro-environment formed by the oviduct and uterus is influenced by the outside environment [35, 36].

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Embryo means a developing human organism after fertilization till the end of eight weeks (fifty-six days);
Embryo means the initial stage of development of an animal while it is capable of being transferred to a recipient dam;
Embryo means a human offspring in the first eight weeks from conception;
Embryo or “fetus” means the developing human organism from conception until birth.
Embryo or "fetus" means the developing human organism from conception until time of birth.
Embryo means the organism resulting from the union of a sperm and an ovum from first cell