Elevated walkway definition

Elevated walkway means a pedestrian walkway connecting structures within a cluster development and located above existing grade.
Elevated walkway means an enclosed climate-controlled pedestrian walkway.
Elevated walkway means a pedestrian walkway connecting structures within a cluster

Examples of Elevated walkway in a sentence

  • Elevated walkway rehabilitation, North Regional Water Treatment Plant – IFB 13-0-2020 – Utilities Department (L7 Construction, Inc.

  • Elevated walkway structures shall be designed to facilitate removal for extended periods of non-use, and accommodate future dune development and maintenance where possible.

  • Remove and replace the existing sealant at the East Elevated walkway tie-in to the building above Room #105.

  • Figure 12: Elevated walkway platforms giving sustainable access to the wetland scrape (and associated wetland plants).

  • Elevated walkway and improved accesses will provide a pleasant aesthetic appearance; • In addition to aesthetic considerations, enhancement of the proposed trees and shrub planting would act as visual screen, noise and dust barriers separating the plant and the community users in the vicinity; and • Concerning sustainability, the Project would adopt the most energy efficiency mode of operation appropriate to the required water treatment processes.

  • Elevated walkway tile has been assigned a 50% cost sharing with Cambridge Manor.

  • Elevated walkway system along Gloucester Road— investigation and preliminary design3,9609606.

  • Coverage A- Building Property, Additions and Extensions Coverage A covers additions and extensions attached to and in contact with the dwelling by means of a: Roof Elevated walkway Exterior rigid wall Load-bearing interior wall (solid) Stairway Adjuster Tip: REELS is a handy acronym you can use to remember this list.

  • Walkway, Crossover, Stairs, Ramps and Equipment Platform Access: Elevated walkway systems as manufactured by PHP Systems/Design.

  • As noted in Table 1, the EU does not require mobile money issuers to maintain 100% of customer funds in bank deposits or other low-risk assets if they safeguard customer funds by obtaining private insurancecover.

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  • Walkway means a paved or unpaved trail or pathway or a structure constructed of wood or other material that is neces- sary due to the difficulty of the terrain for access to the river.

  • Basement means any area of the building having its floor subgrade (below ground level) on all sides.

  • Network Area means the 50 mile radius around the local school campus the Named Insured is attending.

  • Built-up area and/or “Covered Area” in relation to a Flat shall mean the floor area of that Flat including the area of balconies and terraces, if any attached thereto, and also the thickness of the walls (external or internal) and the columns and pillars therein Provided That if any wall, column or pillar be common between two Flats, then one-half of the area under such wall column or pillar shall be included in the built-up area of each such Flat.

  • Unpolluted water means water of quality equal to or better than the effluent criteria in effect or water that would not cause violation of receiving water quality standards and would not be benefited by discharge to the sanitary sewers and wastewater treatment facilities provided.

  • Perimeter means the fenced or walled area of the institution that restrains the movement of the inmates.

  • Drainage area means a geographic area within which stormwater, sediments, or dissolved materials drain to a particular receiving waterbody or to a particular point along a receiving waterbody.

  • water meter means any apparatus for measuring or showing the volume of water supplied to, or of effluent discharged from any premises;

  • manoeuvring area means that part of an aerodrome to be used for the take-off, landing and taxiing of aircraft, excluding aprons;

  • Diatomaceous earth filtration means a process resulting in substantial particulate removal in which (1) a precoat cake of diatomaceous earth filter media is deposited on a support membrane (septum), and (2) while the water is filtered by passing through the cake on the septum, additional filter media known as body feed is continuously added to the feed water to maintain the permeability of the filter cake.

  • Water surface elevation means the height, in relation to the National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD) of 1929, the North American Vertical Datum (NAVD) of 1988, or other datum, where specified, of floods of various magnitudes and frequencies in the floodplains of riverine areas.

  • Slug loading means any pollutant, including oxygen demanding pollutants, released in a discharge at a flow rate and/or pollutant concentration as to cause interference in the POTW.

  • Landing area means that part of a movement area intended for the landing or take-off of aircraft;

  • Infiltration means water other than wastewater that enters a sewer system (including sewer system and foundation drains) from the ground through such means as defective pipes, pipe joints, connections, or manholes. Infiltration does not include, and is distinguished from, inflow.

  • Topsoil means those horizons in a soil profile, commonly known as the “O” and the “A” horizons, containing organic material and includes deposits of partially decomposed organic matter such as peat;

  • Plasma arc incinerator means any enclosed device using a high intensity electrical discharge or arc as a source of heat followed by an afterburner using controlled flame combustion and which is not listed as an industrial furnace.

  • Landscaped area means all the planting areas, turf areas, and water features in a landscape design plan subject to the Maximum Applied Water Allowance and Estimated Applied Water Use calculations. The landscaped area does not include footprints of buildings or structures, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, decks, patios, gravel or stone walks, other pervious or non-pervious hardscapes, and other non-irrigated areas designated for non-development (e.g., open spaces and existing native vegetation).

  • Pedestrian means any person afoot. A person who uses an

  • Loading means the quantity of a specific substance present per unit of surface area, such as the amount of lead in micrograms contained in the dust collected from a certain surface area divided by the surface area in square feet or square meters.

  • Tunnel means a subterranean passage made by excavating beneath the over-burden into which a building worker enters or is required to enter to work;

  • Work area means a room or defined space in a workplace where hazardous chemicals are produced or used, and where employees are present.

  • PAD means a Preauthorized Debit.

  • Tank means a stationary device, designed to contain an accumulation of hazardous waste which is constructed primarily of non-earthen materials (e.g., wood, concrete, steel, plastic) which provide structural support.

  • Elevation means the vertical distance of a point or a level, on or affixed to the surface of the earth, measured from mean sea level;

  • Exfiltration means any unauthorized release of data from within an information system. This includes copying the data through covert network channels or the copying of data to unauthorized media.

  • Slash means all debris created on the Work area by the pre-commercial thinning operation.