earlier definition

earlier. IPRs means the applicable Industrial Policy Resolution
earlier. IPRs means the applicable previous Industrial Policy Resolution.
earlier means v6 and v7, while "later" means v9 and above.

Examples of earlier in a sentence

Earlier evaluation and treatment may be warranted based on a Member’s medical history or physical findings.

Earlier drafts had lumped life insurance and annuities into one account, but the drafters heard evidence on the volume of annuity considerations in each state and were urged by the industry to make the two types of coverage separate.

Earlier, many cases were not registered with the police due to the social stigma attached to rape and molestation cases.

Earlier analyses may be used where, pursuant to the tiering, program EIR, or other CEQA process, an effect has been adequately analyzed in an earlier EIR or negative declaration.

Earlier European cases include in particular Cobelpa/VNP, in OJ 1977 L242/10 and Vegetable Parchment, in OJ 1978 L70/54 and other cases cited in para.