Derivative Agreement definition

Derivative Agreement means any currency, interest rate or other swap, cap, collar, guaranteed investment contract or other derivative agreement.
Derivative Agreement has the meaning specified in the Indenture.
Derivative Agreement means the ISDA Master Agreement, together with the Schedule and the Confirmation thereto, each dated as of April 1, 2004, between the Issuer and the Derivative Counterparty, as such Derivative Agreement may be amended, modified or replaced.

Examples of Derivative Agreement in a sentence

  • If the additional Notes are a Class or Tranche of Notes that has the benefit of a Derivative Agreement, the Issuing Entity will enter into a Derivative Agreement for the benefit of the additional Notes.

More Definitions of Derivative Agreement

Derivative Agreement means an agreement between the Borrower and one or more counterparties with respect to a Derivative.
Derivative Agreement means the ISDA Master Agreement,
Derivative Agreement means the applicable Interest Rate Swap Agreement between the related Counterparty and the Trust, including any schedule, confirmations, credit support annex or other credit support document relating thereto, which agreement provides for Net Swap Payments and Swap Termination Payments to be paid, as provided therein, together with any schedules, confirmations, or other agreements relating thereto.
Derivative Agreement has, with respect to any Series, Class or Tranche of Notes, the meaning specified in the Indenture.
Derivative Agreement means any currency or interest rate swap.