DEDICATED FUNDS is defined in the definition of "Consolidated Pro Forma Debt Service." "DEFAULT" means any Event of Default or any condition, occurrence or event which, after notice or lapse of time or both, would constitute an Event of Default. "DISBURSEMENT DATE" is defined in SECTION 4.5. "DISCLOSURE SCHEDULE" means the Disclosure Schedule attached hereto as SCHEDULE I, as it may be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time by the Borrower with the written consent of the Agent and the Required Lenders. "DISQUALIFIED STOCK" means, with respect to any Person, any Capital Stock of such Person which by its terms (or by the terms of any security into which it is convertible or for which it is exchangeable or exercisable), upon the happening of any event or otherwise (i) matures or is mandatorily redeemable, pursuant to a sinking fund obligation or otherwise, (ii) is convertible into or exchangeable or exercisable for Indebtedness or Disqualified Stock or (iii) is redeemable at the option of the holder thereof, in whole or in part, in each case on or prior to the first anniversary of the stated maturity of such Capital Stock. "DOLLAR" and the sign "$" mean lawful money of the United States. "EFFECTIVE DATE" means the date this Agreement becomes effective pursuant to SECTION 11.8. "ENVIRONMENTAL CLAIM" means any written or oral notice, claim, demand or other communication (collectively, a "claim") for investigatory costs, cleanup costs, Government Authority response costs, damages to natural resources or other property, personal injuries, fines or penalties arising out of, based on or resulting from (a) the presence, or release into the environment, of any Hazardous Material at any location, or (b) circumstances forming the basis of any violation, or alleged violation, of any Environmental Law. The term "Environmental Claim" shall include, without limitation, any claim by any Government Authority for enforcement, cleanup, removal, response, remedial or other actions or damages pursuant to any applicable Environmental Law, and any claim by any third party seeking damages, contribution, indemnification, cost recovery, compensation or injunctive relief resulting from the presence of Hazardous Materials or arising from alleged injury or threat of injury to health, safety or the environment. "ENVIRONMENTAL LAW" means any law, regulation, statute, ordinance, code, rule, regulation, order or guideline (including consent decrees or administrative orders) relating ...

More Definitions of DEDICATED FUNDS

DEDICATED FUNDS means equity capital contributed by UC Holdings and specifically reserved by the Company for the express purpose of consummating the MPM Acquisition.


  • Affiliated Funds are any fund of John Hancock Trust (“JHVIT”), John Hancock Funds II (“JHF II”) or John Hancock Funds III (“JHF III”), excluding the following funds of JHVIT: the Money Market Trust B, 500 Index Trust B, International Equity Index Trust B and Total Bond Market Trust B.

  • Related Funds means with respect to any Lender that is an Approved Fund, any other Approved Fund that is managed by the same investment advisor as such Lender or by an Affiliate of such investment advisor.

  • Segregated funds means the amount of benefits that would

  • Restricted Fund means a fund in which the use of the principal or principal and income is restricted by agreement with, or direction by, the donor to a specific purpose. Restricted fund does not include a fund over which the owner has complete control. The owner is deemed to have complete control over a fund that is to be used for general operating or building purposes.

  • Related Fund means, with respect to any Lender that is an investment fund, any other investment fund that invests in commercial loans and that is managed or advised by the same investment advisor as such Lender or by an Affiliate of such investment advisor.

  • Permitted Fund Manager means any Person that on the date of determination is (i) one of the entities on Exhibit C attached hereto and made a part hereof or any other nationally-recognized manager of investment funds investing in debt or equity interests relating to commercial real estate, (ii) investing through a fund with committed capital of at least $250,000,000 and (iii) not subject to a proceeding relating to the bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization or relief of debtors.

  • Affiliated Fund means, with respect to a Holder that is a limited liability company or a limited liability partnership, a fund or entity managed by the same manager or managing member or general partner or management company or by an entity controlling, controlled by, or under common control with such manager or managing member or general partner or management company;

  • Internally Generated Funds means any amount expended by the U.S. Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries and not representing (a) a reinvestment by the U.S. Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiaries of the Net Cash Proceeds of any Disposition outside the ordinary course of business or Casualty Event, (b) the proceeds of any issuance of Indebtedness of the U.S. Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary (other than Indebtedness under any revolving credit facility) or (c) any credit received by the U.S. Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary with respect to any trade in of property for substantially similar property or any “like kind exchange” of assets.

  • Good Funds means immediately available funds delivered by confirmed wire transfer to an account designated by the Closing Agent.

  • Collected Funds means, with respect to any Collection Period, the amount of funds in the Collection Account representing collections on the Receivables during such Collection Period, including all Net Liquidation Proceeds collected during such Collection Period (but excluding any Purchase Amounts).

  • Pledged Funds means all of the Series Pledged Funds.

  • Approved Fund means any Fund that is administered or managed by (a) a Lender, (b) an Affiliate of a Lender or (c) an entity or an Affiliate of an entity that administers or manages a Lender.

  • Stayed Funds If the Master Servicer is the subject of a proceeding under the federal Bankruptcy Code and the making of a Remittance (as defined in Section 7.02(b)) is prohibited by Section 362 of the federal Bankruptcy Code, funds that are in the custody of the Master Servicer, a trustee in bankruptcy or a federal bankruptcy court and should have been the subject of such Remittance absent such prohibition.

  • excepted fund means any: (1) money market fund; (2) fund that issues securities that are listed on a national exchange; and (3) fund that affirmatively permits short-term trading of its securities, if its prospectus clearly and prominently discloses that the fund permits short-term trading of its securities and that such trading may result in additional costs for the fund.

  • Controlled Investment Affiliate means, as to any Person, any other Person, which directly or indirectly is in control of, is controlled by, or is under common control with such Person and is organized by such Person (or any Person controlling such Person) primarily for making direct or indirect equity or debt investments in the Company and/or other companies.

  • Excluded Entities means Madison (Services) Pty. Ltd.; Revlon (Aust.)

  • Excluded Entity means each of the Hong Kong Disneyland Entities, the Shanghai Project Entities and the Specified Project Entities.

  • Cleared Funds means the proceeds of cheque deposits to your account, once the cheque is cleared, cash deposits and direct credits.

  • Managed Fund means those Funds, individually and collectively, for which the Portfolio Manager makes buy and sell decisions.

  • Assignee Group means two or more Eligible Assignees that are Affiliates of one another or two or more Approved Funds managed by the same investment advisor.

  • Control Investment Affiliate as to any Person, any other Person that (a) directly or indirectly, is in control of, is controlled by, or is under common control with, such Person and (b) is organized by such Person primarily for the purpose of making equity or debt investments in one or more companies. For purposes of this definition, “control” of a Person means the power, directly or indirectly, to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of such Person whether by contract or otherwise.

  • Ineligible Assignee means (a) the Borrower or any of its Affiliates or Subsidiaries, (b) any Defaulting Lender or any of its Subsidiaries, or any Person who, upon becoming a Lender hereunder, would constitute any of the foregoing Persons described in this clause (b), (c) any Person that is engaged directly in the business of (i) the mining, production, washing, refinement, preparation, sale, marketing or transportation of coal or (ii) leasing coal reserves or other interests in minerals or mineral rights to entities engaged in the mining, production, sale or marketing of coal, and any subsidiary of such Person, (d) a natural person or (e) a company, investment vehicle or trust for, or owned and operated for the primary benefit of, a natural person or relative(s) thereof; provided that, such company, investment vehicle or trust shall not constitute an Ineligible Assignee if it (i) has not been established for the primary purpose of acquiring any Advances or Commitments, (ii) is managed by a professional advisor, who is not such natural person or a relative thereof, having significant experience in the business of making or purchasing commercial loans and (iii) has assets greater than $100,000,000 and a significant part of its activities consist of making or purchasing commercial loans and similar extensions of credit in the ordinary course of its business.

  • Affiliated Lender means, at any time, any Lender that is the Sponsor or an Affiliate of the Sponsor (other than Holdings, the Borrower or any of their respective Subsidiaries) at such time.

  • Affiliated Debt Fund means any Affiliated Lender that is a bona fide diversified debt fund primarily engaged in, or that advises funds or other investment vehicles that are engaged in, making, purchasing, holding or otherwise investing in commercial loans, bonds and similar extensions of credit or securities in the ordinary course.

  • Permitted Affiliate means with respect to any Person (a) any Person that directly or indirectly controls such Person, and (b) any Person which is controlled by or is under common control with such controlling Person. As used in this definition, the term “control” of a Person means the possession, directly or indirectly, of the power to vote eighty percent (80%) or more of any class of voting securities of such Person or to direct or cause the direction of the management or policies of a Person, whether through the ownership of voting securities, by contract or otherwise.

  • Investment Affiliate means any Person in which the Consolidated Group, directly or indirectly, has a ten percent (10%) or greater ownership interest, whose financial results are not consolidated under GAAP with the financial results of the Consolidated Group.