CTRL Act definition

CTRL Act means the Channel Tunnel Rail Act 1996;
CTRL Act means the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Act 1996;

Examples of CTRL Act in a sentence

  • The Act provides a number of grounds on which a request for access to information must be refused.

  • It is binding upon any authority which has chosen to sign it so as to have the powers available to qualifying authorities in the CTRL Act and (through the Development Agreement with the Secretary of State for Transport) upon the nominated undertaker.

  • It shall be taken into account in determining matters submitted for approval to qualifying authorities under Schedule 6 to the CTRL Act.

  • If the Sponsor is a User, such User shall make the necessary applications for the Required Consents in the name of the Station Facility Owner as required under the provisions of the CTRL Act 1996 and the Heritage Deed.

  • Its obligation under paragraph 16 of Part 1 of Schedule 15 of the CTRL Act (Protection for Highways).

  • GeoNetwork is a standards based, free and opensource catalogue application to manage spatially referenced resources through the web (GeoNetwork, 2009).

  • Planning permission to build and operate the CTRL was deemed to have been granted under Section 9 of the CTRL Act 1996.

  • Second, the Independent Director who has been longest in office since his appointment.

  • Terms and expressions defined in the Railways Act 1993 or the Railways Infrastructure (Access and Management) Regulations and the CTRL Act shall, unless the contrary intention appears, have the same meaning in these Rules.

  • The CTRL Act also imposes a requirement upon the Nominated Undertaker to seek approval for restoration and mitigation works necessitated by the construction of the CTRL.

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