Credit Enhanced definition

Credit Enhanced means a bond issue with a third party repayment guarantee such as a bank letter of credit, Federal program or insurance policy from a credit enhancer such as a bank or insurance company with credit ratings in the three highest categories, meaning at least A3 from Moodys, or A- from either FitchRatings or Standard and Poors, which repayment guarantee structure is binding for at least 36 months and results in the bonds being issued with the credit ratings of the credit enhancer.
Credit Enhanced when used with reference to any Bonds or Series of Bonds, means Bonds or a Series of Bonds the payment of the principal of and interest on which is insured or guaranteed by a Credit Enhancer.
Credit Enhanced used as a verb has a corresponding meaning.

Examples of Credit Enhanced in a sentence

  • Long Term Senior Unsecured Non Credit Enhanced Debt of the Borrower Rated Less Than Level 2 But At Least BBB- By S&P And Baa3 By Xxxxx’x.

  • Long Term Senior Unsecured Non Credit Enhanced Debt of the Borrower Rated Less Than Level 3 But At Least BB+ By S&P And Ba1 By Xxxxx’x.

  • Long Term Senior Unsecured Non Credit Enhanced Debt of the Borrower Rated Less Than Level 1 But At Least BBB By S&P And Baa2 By Xxxxx’x.

  • XXXXX 0 XXXXX 0 XXXXX 0 XXXXX 0 XXXXX 5 Long Term Senior Unsecured Non Credit Enhanced Debt of the Borrower Rated At Least BBB+ By S&P And Baa1 By Xxxxx’x.

  • Prior to his current position, he worked for three years as a mortgage trader and in the research department for Goldman, Sachs & Co. James Cielinski Managing Director Senior Portfolio Manager— Global Income Investment Grade Credit Enhanced Income Core Fixed Income Since 2000 2003 2003 2003 Mr. Cielinski joined the Investment Adviser in 1998 as a portfolio manager.

  • As the GSEs will compete with each other as stated above to provide credit enhancement for Multifamily Credit Enhanced Bonds, there will be no risk sharing obligation with respect to the Multifamily Credit Enhancement Program.

  • Those partnerships listed on Schedule A and designated as the CFin BTB Credit Enhanced Partnerships.

  • If a Participant that was not also a Credit Enhanced Participant is terminated, then acceptance of any allocation shall be voluntary by any Equity Sponsor or its appointee and shall be in accordance with New England Hydro’s offer thereof.

  • Each GSE shall, separately from the other GSE, arrange for the pricing and acquisition by Treasury of Multifamily Credit Enhanced Bonds for which the GSE has provided or will be providing credit enhancement.

  • It shall be a condition to the consummation of each Schedule B-2 Stabilization Work-Out Agreement that the related Credit Enhanced Partnership shall have received a Stabilization Opinion in form and substance acceptable to Natixis.

Related to Credit Enhanced

  • Credit Enhancer means the Credit Enhancer identified in the Adoption Annex.

  • Credit Enhancement means, with respect to this Agreement, any credit enhancement or other credit support arrangement in support of the obligations of the Company hereunder or with respect hereto, including any guarantee, collateral arrangement (including any pledge, charge, mortgage or other security interest in collateral or title transfer arrangement), trust or similar arrangement, letter of credit, transfer of margin, reimbursement obligation or any similar arrangement.

  • Credit Enhancements means surety bonds, insurance policies, letters of credit, guarantees and other

  • Credit Enhancement Agreement means the Agreement among the Sellers, the Master Servicer, the Trustee and the Credit Enhancement Provider with respect to the Credit Enhancement.

  • Minimum Credit Enhancement Test With respect to any Payment Date, a test that will be satisfied if the Subordinate Percentage is greater than or equal to 6.00%.

  • Credit Facility Provider means the issuer of or obligor under a Credit Facility.

  • Liquidity Facility Provider means a Person that is a party to a Liquidity Facility with the Authority with respect to specified Bonds and whose credit rating by each nationally recognized Rating Agency then rating the Class I Bonds is sufficiently high to maintain the then current rating on such Bonds by such Rating Agency or the equivalent of such rating by virtue of guarantees or insurance arrangements.

  • Letter of Credit Account means the account established by the Borrower under the sole and exclusive control of the Agent maintained at the office of the Agent at 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000 designated as the “Tower Letter of Credit Account” that shall be used solely for the purposes set forth herein.

  • Debt Service Account means the Debt Service Account for General Obligation Temporary Notes, Series 2017-1 (within the Bond and Interest Fund) created pursuant to Section 501 hereof.

  • Collateral Enhancement Obligation means any warrant or equity security, excluding Exchanged Equity Securities, but including without limitation, warrants relating to Mezzanine Obligations and any equity security received upon conversion or exchange of, or exercise of an option under, or otherwise in respect of a Collateral Debt Obligation; or any warrant or equity security purchased as part of a unit with a Collateral Debt Obligation (but in all cases, excluding, for the avoidance of doubt, the Collateral Debt Obligation), in each case, the acquisition of which will not result in the imposition of any present or future, actual or contingent liabilities or obligations on the Issuer other than those which may arise at its option; provided that no Collateral Enhancement Obligation may be a Dutch Ineligible Security.

  • QFC Credit Support has the meaning specified in Section 11.21.

  • Eligible Account Any of (i) an account or accounts maintained with a federal or state chartered depository institution or trust company the short-term unsecured debt obligations of which (or, in the case of a depository institution or trust company that is the principal subsidiary of a holding company, the debt obligations of such holding company) have the highest short-term ratings of each Rating Agency at the time any amounts are held on deposit therein, or (ii) an account or accounts in a depository institution or trust company in which such accounts are insured by the FDIC or the SAIF (to the limits established by the FDIC or the SAIF, as applicable) and the uninsured deposits in which accounts are otherwise secured such that, as evidenced by an Opinion of Counsel delivered to the Trustee and to each Rating Agency, the Certificateholders have a claim with respect to the funds in such account or a perfected first priority security interest against any collateral (which shall be limited to Permitted Investments) securing such funds that is superior to claims of any other depositors or creditors of the depository institution or trust company in which such account is maintained, or (iii) a trust account or accounts maintained with (a) the trust department of a federal or state chartered depository institution or (b) a trust company, acting in its fiduciary capacity or (iv) any other account acceptable to each Rating Agency. Eligible Accounts may bear interest, and may include, if otherwise qualified under this definition, accounts maintained with the Trustee.

  • Secured Swap Provider means (i) a Lender or an Affiliate of a Lender (or a Person who was a Lender or an Affiliate of a Lender at the time of execution and delivery of a Rate Contract) who has entered into a Secured Rate Contract with Borrower, or (ii) a Person with whom Borrower has entered into a Secured Rate Contract provided or arranged by GE Capital or an Affiliate of GE Capital, and any assignee thereof.

  • Credit Provider means a Person providing a guaranty, or other credit support, in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent, of the obligations of an Included Investor to make Investor Capital Contributions.