Convenience Store Liabilities definition

Convenience Store Liabilities means all Liabilities, obligations and commitments of any nature, kind or description of PRMA associated with the Convenience Store Assets, including, without limitation, all claims, litigation, choses in action, contractual liabilities, including without limitation all Liabilities associated with Contracts, all Liabilities arising out of or relating to events, occurrences or omissions happening from and after the Closing, all Liabilities relating to employees of the Convenience Store, and other liabilities, whether direct or indirect, absolute or contingent, or known or unknown.

Related to Convenience Store Liabilities

  • Employee Liabilities means all claims, actions, proceedings, orders, demands, complaints, investigations (save for any claims for personal injury which are covered by insurance) and any award, compensation, damages, tribunal awards, fine, loss, order, penalty, disbursement, payment made by way of settlement and costs, expenses and legal costs reasonably incurred in connection with a claim or investigation including in relation to the following: redundancy payments including contractual or enhanced redundancy costs, termination costs and notice payments; unfair, wrongful or constructive dismissal compensation; compensation for discrimination on grounds of sex, race, disability, age, religion or belief, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity or sexual orientation or claims for equal pay; compensation for less favourable treatment of part-time workers or fixed term employees; outstanding debts and unlawful deduction of wages including any PAYE and National Insurance Contributions in relation to payments made by the Customer or the Replacement Supplier to a Transferring Supplier Employee which would have been payable by the Supplier or the Sub-Contractor if such payment should have been made prior to the Service Transfer Date; claims whether in tort, contract or statute or otherwise; any investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission or other enforcement, regulatory or supervisory body and of implementing any requirements which may arise from such investigation;

  • Intra-Group Liabilities means the Liabilities owed by any member of the Group to any of the Intra-Group Lenders.

  • Assumed Environmental Liabilities means all Environmental Liabilities of Seller or its Affiliates relating primarily to the Business or relating to the Assets, whether arising or relating to the period before, on or after the Closing, other than the Retained Environmental Liabilities. For the avoidance of doubt, Assumed Environmental Liabilities include, without limitation, the business relating to the formerly owned manufactured gas plant properties with respect to the Business.

  • Pre-Closing Environmental Liabilities means Liabilities arising out of (a) the ownership or operation of the Business at any time on or prior to the Closing or (b) the ownership, operation or condition of the Real Property or any other real property currently or formerly owned, operated or leased by Seller Related to the Business at any time on or prior to the Closing, in each case to the extent based upon or arising out of (i) Environmental Law, (ii) a failure to obtain, maintain or comply with any Environmental Permit, (iii) a Release of any Hazardous Substance, or (iv) the use, generation, storage, transportation, treatment, sale or other off-site disposal of Hazardous Substances.

  • SpinCo Liabilities shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(a).

  • Retained Environmental Liabilities means (i) any Liabilities arising out of any Release or any noncompliance with Environmental Laws at (A) any Designated Sites (except, in the case of the Reading Site, for any such Liabilities for which the tenant is obligated to indemnify the landlord under the Reading Lease Agreement), (B) any other real property formerly owned, leased or operated in connection with the Business or by any predecessor or (C) any Superfund Sites or any other third-party real property where wastes generated in connection with the Business or any predecessor were disposed prior to the applicable Closing, to the extent arising out of the disposal of such wastes; (ii) any Liability arising out of any Release at Monterrey Site prior to the First Closing; (iii) any Liability arising out of (A) any Release prior to the First Closing Date in connection with the Chinese Joint Venture or (B) any noncompliance with Environmental Laws existing prior to the First Closing Date by the Chinese Joint Venture; (iv) any Liability arising out of any noncompliance with Environmental Laws existing prior to the First Closing at the Xiamen Site; (v) any Liability arising out of (A) any Release prior to the Second Closing Date in connection with the TLM Business or (B) any noncompliance with Environmental Laws in connection with the TLM Business existing prior to the Second Closing; and (vi) any Liability arising out of any noncompliance with Environmental Laws in connection with Purchaser’s ownership or operation of the assets set forth on Section 2.10 of the Seller Disclosure Schedule during the period prior to the transfer of such assets to Seller or a designated Subsidiary of Seller pursuant to Section 2.10 (other than any such liability arising out of Purchaser’s gross negligence); provided that for the avoidance of doubt subsection (iv) of this definition shall not include any Liability for any Release at or from the Xiamen Site (other than any Liability associated with the noncompliance of any Release with Environmental Laws).

  • Assumed Liabilities has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3.

  • Eligible Liabilities and “Special Deposits” have the meanings given to them from time to time under or pursuant to the Bank of England Act 1998 or (as may be appropriate) by the Bank of England;

  • Excluded Liabilities has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(b).

  • Retained Liabilities has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4.

  • Transferred Liabilities has the meaning ascribed to such term in the Separation Agreement.

  • Product Liabilities means all losses, damages, fees, costs and other liabilities incurred by a Party, its Affiliate or its sublicensee and resulting from or relating to the any use of a Compound and/or a Product in a human (including in Clinical Trials and/or pursuant to Commercialization) in the Territory, other than any losses, damages, fees, costs and other liabilities that are a result of a Party’s, its Affiliates’ or its sublicensee’s negligence, willful misconduct or breach of such Party’s representations and warranties made hereunder. For the avoidance of doubt, Product Liabilities include, reasonable attorneys’ and experts’ fees and costs relating to any claim or potential claim against a Party, its Affiliate, or its sublicensee and all losses, damages, fees, costs. Product Liabilities shall not include liabilities associated with recalls and/or the voluntary or involuntary withdrawal of the Compound and/or a Product.

  • Excluded Environmental Liabilities means any and all Environmental Liabilities whether arising before, at or after the Effective Time, to the extent relating to, resulting from, or arising out of the past, present or future operation, conduct or actions of the Fortive Retained Business.

  • Environmental Costs and Liabilities means any and all losses, liabilities, obligations, damages, fines, penalties, judgments, actions, claims, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, fees, disbursements and expenses of legal counsel, experts, engineers and consultants and the costs of investigation and feasibility studies and remedial activities) arising from or under any Environmental Law or order or contract with any Governmental Authority or any other Person.

  • Parent Liabilities shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(b).

  • Shared Assets means assets used by the Seller Group both for purposes:

  • Material Environmental Liabilities means Environmental Liabilities exceeding $500,000 in the aggregate.

  • Project Companies means all Group Project Companies and Non-Group Project Companies together, each being a “Project Company”.

  • Liabilities means judgments, damages, liabilities, losses, penalties, excise taxes, fines and amounts paid in settlement;

  • Assumed Obligations shall have the meaning set forth in Section 13.1.

  • Covered Liabilities means any and all debts, losses, liabilities, claims, damages, fines, penalties, obligations, payments (including, without limitation, those arising out of any demand, assessment, settlement, judgment or compromise relating to any Action), costs and expenses (including, without limitation, costs and expenses of investigation and fees and disbursements of counsel and other experts), mature or unmatured, absolute or contingent, accrued or unaccrued, liquidated or unliquidated, known or unknown, including, without limitation, any of the foregoing arising under, out of or in connection with any Environmental Liabilities or any Action, order or consent decree of any governmental entity or award of any arbitrator of any kind, or any law, rule, regulation, contract, commitment or undertaking.

  • Assumed Agreements shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 2.2.

  • Contingent Liabilities means, respectively, each obligation and liability of the Credit Parties and all such obligations and liabilities of the Credit Parties incurred pursuant to any agreement, undertaking or arrangement by which any Credit Party either: (i) guarantees, endorses or otherwise becomes or is contingently liable upon (by direct or indirect agreement, contingent or otherwise, to provide funds for payment, to supply funds to, or otherwise to invest in, a debtor, or otherwise to assure a creditor against loss) the indebtedness, dividend, obligation or other liability of any other Person in any manner (other than by endorsement of instruments in the course of collection), including without limitation, any indebtedness, dividend or other obligation which may be issued or incurred at some future time; (ii) guarantees the payment of dividends or other distributions upon the shares or ownership interest of any other Person; (iii) undertakes or agrees (whether contingently or otherwise): (A) to purchase, repurchase, or otherwise acquire any indebtedness, obligation or liability of any other Person or any property or assets constituting security therefor; (B) to advance or provide funds for the payment or discharge of any indebtedness, obligation or liability of any other Person (whether in the form of loans, advances, stock purchases, capital contributions or otherwise), or to maintain solvency, assets, level of income, working capital or other financial condition of any other Person; or (C) to make payment to any other Person other than for value received; (iv) agrees to lease property or to purchase securities, property or services from such other Person with the purpose or intent of assuring the owner of such indebtedness or obligation of the ability of such other Person to make payment of the indebtedness or obligation; (v) to induce the issuance of, or in connection with the issuance of, any letter of credit for the benefit of such other Person; or (vi) undertakes or agrees otherwise to assure or insure a creditor against loss. The amount of any Contingent Liability shall (subject to any limitation set forth herein) be deemed to be the outstanding principal amount (or maximum permitted principal amount, if larger) of the indebtedness, obligation or other liability guaranteed or supported thereby.

  • Excluded Liability means any liability that is excluded under the Bail-In Legislation from the scope of any Bail-In Action including, without limitation, any liability excluded pursuant to Article 44 of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive.

  • Common expense liability means the liability for common expenses allocated to each unit pursuant to section 38-33.3-207.

  • Environmental Liabilities means, with respect to any Person, all liabilities, obligations, responsibilities, response, remedial and removal costs, investigation and feasibility study costs, capital costs, operation and maintenance costs, losses, damages, punitive damages, property damages, natural resource damages, consequential damages, treble damages, costs and expenses (including all reasonable fees, disbursements and expenses of counsel, experts and consultants), fines, penalties, sanctions and interest incurred as a result of or related to any claim, suit, action, investigation, proceeding or demand by any Person, whether based in contract, tort, implied or express warranty, strict liability, criminal or civil statute or common law, including any arising under or related to any Environmental Laws, Environmental Permits, or in connection with any Release or threatened Release or presence of a Hazardous Material whether on, at, in, under, from or about or in the vicinity of any real or personal property.