Definition of CMAC Merger

CMAC Merger means that certain acquisition transaction pursuant to which DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. will acquire all of the outstanding capital stock of CMAC, Inc. ("CMAC").

Examples of CMAC Merger in a sentence

To the extent DSG must transfer funds to DSI in order to complete the CMAC Merger, Bank hereby consents to DSG transferring such funds to DSI for such purpose.
Bank hereby consents to DSI entering into the CMAC Merger on the terms previously disclosed to Bank in writing conditioned upon all of the following occurring: (i) CMAC becoming a co-Borrower under the Loan Agreement, (ii) CMAC granting Bank a first-priority security interest in the assets of CMAC and (iii) CMAC executing all such documents required by Bank in conjunction therewith (including, without limitation, a Cross-Corporate Guaranty).
DSG has advised Bank that DSI intends to enter into the CMAC Merger.