Check Captain definition

Check Captain means a Pilot who is approved and appointed by the Company to conduct proficiency tests for the issue and renewal of Pilot's licenses and ratings and who certifies to the competency of Pilots so tested in accordance with the grade of Check Captain approval held.
Check Captain means a Captain appointed by the Company to undertake the position and who is approved in writing by CASA to conduct flight proficiency tests and who certifies as to the competency of Pilots so tested.

Examples of Check Captain in a sentence

  • He is an extensively qualified and experienced simulator and aircraft instructor and has held positions as both Training and Check Captain.

  • Check Captain appointments are for a minimum of 2 years, terminable after 2 years on 3 months’ notice.

  • Where a Check Captain is not assigned a simulator duty in advance (24 hours prior to the start of the sim spare duty), that duty shall become a day free of duty.

  • Where a Check Captain believes that their rostered flying in a control seat is not sufficient to maintain proficiency, they can request that additional flying be provided.

  • If not, then there may still be another methodological concern: because the Reforma survey was self- administered, we may ask ourselves about the chances that someone else rather than the deputy (for example, someone from the deputy's staff) could have answered the survey for him or her.

  • Upon implementation of the ‘Virgin Blue Work Rules’, where a Check Captain has been assigned checking duties in a roster, s/he will not be assigned more than 15 days duty in that roster.

  • HINE, CHRISTOPHER PETER (37) General Manager, Flight Operations/Chief Pilot Grade 2 Check Captain Australian Air Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL), Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating, Chief Pilot Approval (Rex), Grade 2 Check Captain Approval (Rex) Chris has over 15 years aviation experience including 10 years with Metroliner and Saab 340 aircraft, and is a well-accomplished and knowledgeable instructor.

  • Have the knowledge, experience, and/or skills necessary to perform the task(s).13.

  • His brother Tommy was a different cut, but both were excellent pilots and had the respect of all their staff.In my view, the best pilot trained at Central Airways was Peter Gutowski (now deceased) who finished his career as an Air Canada Check Captain on the 747-400.

  • CHRISTOPHER PETER HINEgENERAL MANAgER, FLIgHT OPERATIONS/CHIEF PILOTAustralian Air Transport Pilot’s License (ATPL) Multi Engine Command Instrument RatingChief Pilot Approval (Rex) & Grade 2 Check Captain Approval (Rex) Mr. Hine has over 15 years’ aviation experience including 10 years with Metroliner and Saab 340 aircraft, and is a well-accomplished and knowledgeable instructor.

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