Chain definition

Chain means the network of Chain Facilities.
Chain means any person or entity which together with any person or entity controlling, by or under common control with such person or entity operates 10 or more retail locations."

Examples of Chain in a sentence

  • The bidder is prevented from doing business with BCMM in terms of Regulation 38 and 44 of the Supply Chain Management Regulations (MFMA).

  • Supplier registration forms are available from the Supply Chain Management Unit.

  • All bids received shall be evaluated in terms of the Municipal Supply Chain Management Regulations, the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act no 5 of 2000 and the Preferential Procurement Regulations of 2017.

  • The supply chain management policy of Joburg Market allow persons aggrieved by decisions or actions taken by the Entity in the implementation of its Supply Chain Management system, to lodge within fourteen (14) days of the decision or action a written objection or complaint to the entity against the decision or action.

  • The quotation document as provided by the Municipality’s Supply Chain Management Section will be the prevailing document in the event of an inconsistency between the completed submitted quotation document by a bidder and the quotation document provided by the Municipality.

More Definitions of Chain

Chain means an establishment that is part of an affiliation of two or more establish- ments within the United States, each of which is owned by the same person or entity and op- erate under identical or substantially similar trade names or service marks, both as defined in ORS 647.005.
Chain means the group of Company Units and Franchise Units each operating a Healthy Bites Grill.
Chain means an establishment that is part of an
Chain means a sequence of Emergency Assessments:
Chain means a person or business entity that operates more than one Outlet and/or which makes centralized decisions regarding the purchase of Products and/or Authorized Products for more than one Outlet.
Chain means a set of establishments that do business under the same trade name or