Chain definition

Chain means a set of establishments which share a common brand, or which are characterized by standardized options for décor, marketing, packaging, products, and services.
Chain means the network of Chain Facilities.
Chain means any person or entity which together with any person or entity controlling, by or under common control with such person or entity operates 10 or more retail locations."

Examples of Chain in a sentence

  • The bidder is prevented from doing business with BCMM in terms of Regulation 38 and 44 of the Supply Chain Management Regulations (MFMA).

  • Supplier registration forms are available from the Supply Chain Management Unit.

  • It is the supplier’s responsibility to make sure that the quote with all relevant documents reach this office before the closing date and time and is placed in the correct quotation box or handed in at the Supply Chain Management office (Second Floor, 15 Main Road, Buller Centre (Investment Centre) Vredenburg, 7380).

  • All relevant documents can be downloaded at > Tenders / Quotations > Supply Chain Documents.

  • All bids received shall be evaluated in terms of the Municipal Supply Chain Management Regulations, the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act no 5 of 2000 and the Preferential Procurement Regulations of 2017.

More Definitions of Chain

Chain means an establishment that is part of an affiliation of two or more establishments within the United States, each of which is owned by the same person or entity and operate under identical or substantially similar trade names or service marks, both as defined in ORS 647.005.
Chain means an establishment that is part of an
Chain means a set of establishments that do business under the same trade name or
Chain means a set of establishments including, but not limited
Chain means a person or business entity that operates more than one Outlet and/or which makes centralized decisions regarding the purchase of Products and/or Authorized Products for more than one Outlet.
Chain means a business with 10 or more locations in the State or nationally and doing business under the same trade name or under common ownership or control, or as franchised outlets of a parent business.
Chain means the group of Company Units and Franchise Units each operating a Healthy Bites Grill.