Certificate of authenticity definition

Certificate of authenticity means a written statement by an art merchant confirming, approving, or attesting to the authorship of a work of fine art or multiple, which is capable of being used to the advantage or disadvantage of some person.
Certificate of authenticity or "COA" means a non-removable sticker designated by MS which is specific to the Licensed Product.
Certificate of authenticity means a non-removable sticker designated by MS as specific to the Product.

Examples of Certificate of authenticity in a sentence

  • The Vendor must furnish a list of all the licenses, number of all the software’s supplied by the Vendor, along with a COA (Certificate of authenticity) from respective Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

  • The Vendor must furnish a list of all the licenses, number of all the softwares supplied by the Vendor, along with a COA (Certificate of authenticity) from respective Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

  • Certificate of authenticity and/or origin must be supplied at certification and prominently displayed on stall.

  • Certificate of authenticity BYELAWSBYELAWS - WHY THEY HELP US TO HELP YOU Britain’s Railways cover every train, track and station, including London’s Underground, across the country.

  • Dealer Members of the Indigenous Art Code are required to provide a Code Certificate of authenticity for any work over the value of $250.

  • Letter or legal size copies made by the Division shall be $.25 per page, or copies made by the requesting party shall be $.10 per page.B. Certificate of authenticity shall be $2.00 for each certificate.C. Any other actual expense or cost incurred by compliance with the request shall be charged.

  • Certificate of authenticity and due registration signed by the Registrar of Deed of the county where the land is located, confirming that the deed is indeed a true original or copy of a deed registered in the authentic records of the relevant county; ii.

  • Standing advisory committee (section 11) Schedule 1Schedule 2: Certificate of authenticity by member or officer of close corporation Schedule 3: Retention periods of corporation recordsSchedule 4: Forms 1.

  • MEP also shares lessons between missions and validates critical technologies on precursor missions.

  • On this occasion, he complained to the orchestra: “It was, indeed, my wish to open the National Theatre and see Libuše, but my fate prevented it.” Picture 1: Certificate of authenticity of the remains.

More Definitions of Certificate of authenticity

Certificate of authenticity means a written statement by an art
Certificate of authenticity or “COA” means a Microsoft authenticity certificate or label designated for certain Products
Certificate of authenticity means the digitally signed text file (license key) generated by IVONA for you that is required to activate and use the Software on the Workstation.
Certificate of authenticity or "COA" means a non-removable sticker designated by MS which is specific to the Licensed Product. "Claim" has the meaning specified in Section 12(a).
Certificate of authenticity or “COA” means a non- removable sticker designated by MS which is specific to a Licensed Product.

Related to Certificate of authenticity

  • Certificate of Authentication The meaning specified in Section 2.1.

  • certificate of authorization means a certificate of authorization issued to a professional corporation pursuant to the Public Accounting Act, 2004 to permit it to engage in the practice of public accounting;

  • Certificate of authority means the certificate issued by DCBS to a licensed health entity granting authority to transact insurance as a health insurance company or health care service contractor.

  • Letter of Authorization means a letter signed by an officer of the licensee on whose behalf the filing is submitted that designates filing authority to the filer.

  • Secure Authentication means access to the Licensed Work by Internet Protocol

  • Letter of Authority means the letter of authority executed by me whereby I authorise one or more persons to operate and give instructions in respect of the Account(s) for and on my behalf.

  • Multi-factor Authentication means controlling access to computers and other IT resources by requiring two or more pieces of evidence that the user is who they claim to be. These pieces of evidence consist of something the user knows, such as a password or PIN; something the user has such as a key card, smart card, or physical token; and something the user is, a biometric identifier such as a fingerprint, facial scan, or retinal scan. “PIN” means a personal identification number, a series of numbers which act as a password for a device. Since PINs are typically only four to six characters, PINs are usually used in conjunction with another factor of authentication, such as a fingerprint.

  • Strong Customer Authentication means an authentication based on the use of two or more elements categorised as knowledge (something only the user knows), possession (something only the user possesses) and inherence (something the user is) that are independent, in that the breach of one does not compromise the reliability of the others, and is designed in such a way as to protect the confidentiality of the authentication data;

  • Abuse of authority means an arbitrary and capricious exercise of authority that is inconsistent with the mission of the executive agency concerned or the successful performance of a contract of such agency.

  • Certificate form means the form on which the certificate is delivered or issued for delivery by the issuer.

  • Certificate of Coverage means a written certification provided by any source that offers medical care coverage, including the Plan, for the purpose of confirming the duration and type of an individual’s previous coverage.

  • Secretary’s Certificate has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(a)(vi).

  • Self Audit Certificate means the certificate in the form as set out in Framework Schedule 9 (Self Audit Certificate) to be provided to the Authority in accordance with Clause 18.3 (Records and Audit Access);

  • Principal Only Certificates As specified in the Preliminary Statement.

  • Trustees or “Board of Trustees” shall mean the persons who have signed this Declaration of Trust and all other persons who may from time to time be duly elected or appointed to serve as Trustees in accordance with the provisions hereof, in each case so long as such person shall continue in office in accordance with the terms of this Declaration of Trust, and reference herein to a Trustee or the Trustees shall refer to such person or persons in his, her or their capacities as trustee or trustees hereunder. Unless otherwise required by the context or specifically provided, any reference herein to the Trustees shall refer to the Trustee at any time that there is only one Trustee of the Trust.

  • Authorised Signatories means any two authorised officers of the Issuer signing jointly.

  • Certificate No 6-A-1-[_] As of November 1, Date of Pooling and Servicing Agreement: 2004 First Distribution Date: December 25, 2004 Last Scheduled Distribution Date: December 25, 2034 Floating in accordance with Pass-Through Rate: the Agreement Initial Certificate Principal Balance of this Certificate ("Denomination"): $[_______] Initial Certificate Principal Balances of all Certificates of this Class: $54,125,000 CUSIP: 576433 VQ 6 ISIN: US576433VQ68 MORTGAGE ASSET SECURITIZATION TRANSACTIONS, INC. MASTR ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGES TRUST 2004-15 Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2004-15 Class 6-A-1 evidencing a percentage interest in the distributions allocable to the Certificates of the above-referenced Class with respect to a Trust Fund consisting primarily of conventional mortgage loans (the "Mortgage Loans") secured by first liens on one- to four-family residential properties Mortgage Asset Securitization Transactions, Inc., as Depositor Principal in respect of this Certificate is distributable monthly as set forth herein. Accordingly, the Certificate Principal Balance at any time may be less than the Certificate Principal Balance as set forth herein. This Certificate does not evidence an obligation of, or an interest in, and is not guaranteed by the Depositor, the Master Servicer, the Trust Administrator, the Trustee or the custodian referred to below or any of their respective affiliates. Neither this Certificate nor the Mortgage Loans are guaranteed or insured by any governmental agency or instrumentality. This certifies that _______________________ is the registered owner of the Percentage Interest evidenced by this Certificate in certain monthly distributions with respect to a Trust Fund consisting primarily of the Mortgage Loans deposited by Mortgage Asset Securitization Transactions, Inc. (the "Depositor"). The Trust Fund was created pursuant to a Pooling and Servicing Agreement dated as of the date specified above (the "Agreement") among the Depositor, UBS Real Estate Securities Inc., as transferor (the "Transferor"), Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., as master servicer (in such capacity, the "Mastxx Xxrvicer"), trust administrator (in such capacity, the "Trust Administrator") and custodian, and JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., as trustee (the "Trustee"). Distributions on this Certificate will be made primarily from collections on the applicable Mortgage Loans pursuant to the terms of the Agreement. To the extent not defined herein, the capitalized terms used herein have the meanings assigned in the Agreement. This Certificate is issued under and is subject to the terms, provisions and conditions of the Agreement, to which Agreement the Holder of this Certificate by virtue of the acceptance hereof assents and by which such Holder is bound. Reference is hereby made to the further provisions of this Certificate set forth on the reverse hereof, which further provisions shall for all purposes have the same effect as if set forth at this place. This Certificate shall not be entitled to any benefit under the Agreement or be valid for any purpose unless manually countersigned by an authorized signatory of the Trust Administrator.

  • Failure of authorization means the failure to authorize, approve, or otherwise effect a corporate action in compliance with the provisions of this title, the articles of incorporation or bylaws of the corporation, a corporate resolution, or any plan or agreement to which the corporation is a party, if and to the extent such failure would render such corporate action void or voidable.

  • Authorized Signature means the signature of an individual authorized to receive funds on behalf of an applicant and responsible for the execution of the applicant’s project.

  • Solvency Certificate means a Solvency Certificate of the chief financial officer of Holdings substantially in the form of Exhibit G-2.

  • Certificate means this entire Certificate of Approval document, issued in accordance with Section 53 of the Ontario Water Resources Act, and includes any schedules;

  • the Trustees means the directors of the Academy Trust (and “Trustee” means any one of those directors), subject to the definition of this term at Article 6.9 (e) in relation to Articles 6.2-6.9;

  • Subordination Agent Incumbency Certificate has the meaning specified in Section 2.05(a).

  • Authorised Signatory means, in relation to any Obligor, any person who is duly authorised and in respect of whom the Administrative Agent has received a certificate signed by a director or another Authorised Signatory of such Obligor setting out the name and signature of such person and confirming such person’s authority to act.

  • Medical certification means a statement which attests that the medical information reported on the certificate of death or fetal death is accurate to the best of the medical certifier’s knowledge.

  • Incumbency Certificate has the meaning specified in Section 3(b) hereof.