Definition of BN Know-How

BN Know-How means Know-How concerning modified vaccinia Ankara vectors (including the Multivalent MVA-BN Vector), as well as the manufacture, use and administration thereof, that is Controlled by BN during the Term including BNs interest in any Program Know-How (including BNs interest in Joint Program Know-How). For the sake of clarity, Program Know-How concerning solely either a Multivalent MVA-BN Vector, Multivalent MVA Vector or a Monovalent MVA Vector shall be Sole Program Know-How of BN but Program Know-How of BN explicitly excludes Program Know-How concerning solely either a Monovalent Ad26 ZEBOV Vector, a Multivalent Adenovirus Vector and/or any Multivalent Ad26 Vector or Multivalent Adenovirus Vector, which shall be Program Know-How of Crucell.

Examples of BN Know-How in a sentence

BN shall keep Janssen regularly informed of any BN Know-How reasonably useful for Janssen to exercise its rights or perform its obligations under this Agreement.