Bill validator definition

Bill validator means an electronic device designed to interface with an electronic gaming machine for the purpose of accepting and validating any combination of United States currency, gaming tickets, coupons, or other instruments authorized by the commission for incrementing credits on an electronic gaming machine.
Bill validator means an element of a casino gaming operation designed and configured to accept any combination of currency, gaming tickets, promotional play instruments, or other instruments authorized by the department for activating credits for a player to use for gaming.
Bill validator means any mechanical, electrical, or other device, contrivance, or machine designed to interface with a slot machine or electronic table game for the purpose of accepting currency or tickets equal to the amount inserted into the bill validator system for the registering of credits for subsequent play.

Examples of Bill validator in a sentence

  • Bill validator meter readings must be taken just prior to dropping the bill validator boxes, or after the bill validator drop but prior to gaming commencing.

  • You can receive up to one clock hour of annual training for reading three newsletters and passing the associated tests each calendar year.

  • MessageDescriptionBILLROMERROR- Bill validator encountered an internal ROM error40.

  • Verify and release programs include, but are not limited to, the following: (a) Bill validator firmware.

  • MessageDescriptionBILLREJECTED(X)- Bill validator has been rejected a bill- X is the total number of rejected bills.

More Definitions of Bill validator

Bill validator means a device used to accept and store paper currency deposited into a slot machine.
Bill validator means an electromechanical device attached either on or into an electronic gaming device for the purpose of dispensing an amount of credits equal to the amount of cash or cash equivalency inserted into the bill validator.
Bill validator means a device attached to or otherwise part of an electronic gaming device that will accept paper currency and credit the electronic gaming device for the amount accepted;

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