Association of Units definition

Association of Units means regional, national or international organizations of temple uniformed units or of Nobles who, as a prereq- uisite for their membership in such organizations, are members of temple uniformed units.

Examples of Association of Units in a sentence

  • There is one (National) Association of Units of Local self-government (ZELS), which has a positive influence on building local democracy.

  • These will be communication between local governments with the Ministry of Transport, Public Enterprise for State Roads as well as non-state actors relevant for local government such as ZELS - Association of Units of Local Governments.

  • There is one Association of Units on Local self-government – ZELS.

  • The municipal council is obliged to review CICR opinions and proposals and take decisions.59 Mr Trajanovski, President of the Association of Units of Local Self-Government (ZELS), stressed that 35 municipalities have established CICRs, while only 20 of them were compelled to do so by law.

  • The candidates for the Council are nominated by: the President of the Republic of Macedonia (two candidates), the Committee on Elections and Appointments (three), the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (one), the Interuniversity Conference (three), the Anticorruption Commission (one), the Commission for Protection of Competition (one), the Association of Units of Local Self-Government (two) and the majority association of journalists of the Republic of Macedonia (two).

  • The municipalities that were most diligent in fulfilling this legal obligation are Shtip, Probishtip, Kochani, and Kratovo.Contrary to this, the Association of Units of Local Self-Government (AULSG) has its own web platform for gender equality21 where they published the annual reports on AULSG’s work in advancing gender equality, as well as other activities and strategic documents in this area.

  • Ms Perisic indicated that the Association of Units of Local Self-Governments of Macedonia (ZELS) had played an active role in establishing contacts between CEMR and the two applicant associations, and warmly supported their applications for CEMR membership.

  • It is understood that any person to whom an offer may be made, as herein before provided, shall be a member of the National Association of Units Dealers, Inc.

  • The municipality, generally speaking, has a good cooperation with the Association of Units for Local Self Government (ZELS).The cooperation with the Centre for Social Work is weak and happens only when there is a need to cooperate on a specific case.

  • Except as set forth in the Prospectus the Company knows of no outstanding claims for services either in the nature of a finder's fee, brokerage fee or otherwise with respect to this financing for which the Company or the Underwriter may be responsible, or which may affect the Underwriter's compensation as determined by the National Association of Units Dealers, Inc.

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