Annexed definition

Annexed means annexed or attached under s.66.0217, 66.0219, 66.0221, 66.0223, 66.0225, 66.0227, 66.0301 (6), or 66.0307.
Annexed means a copy of which is attached to or placed with this Agreement and which has (for identification) been signed or initialled by or on behalf of each of the parties hereto
Annexed means annexed or attached under s.66.021, 66.022, 66.023, 66.024, 66.025 or 66.027.

Examples of Annexed in a sentence

  • Annexed hereto as Appendix A is a Certificate signed by two of the present Officers of the Fund under its seal, setting forth the names and the signatures of the present Authorized Persons.

  • Whereas both the parties agree to sign the following annexure Annexed to this Agreement in token of their acceptance.

  • The bidder must submit the applicable Price Schedule Form as Annexed to the tender document available on the website.

  • End Customer’s Services Agreement governs access to and use of the Services under End Customer Accounts, except for fees, payment, pricing, and tax terms for use of the Services, which are superseded by such terms set forth in Distribution Seller’s or Seller’s (as applicable) agreement with End Customer.

  • Annexed hereto are supplements to each of the schedules to the Security Agreement and the Credit Agreement, as applicable, with respect to the New Pledgor.

  • Filed Standard Charge Terms D.F. No. (b) Express Charge Terms Annexed as Part 2 A selection of (a) includes any additional or modified terms referred to in Item 7 or in a schedule annexed to this instrument.

  • Copy of the “Guidelines on Indian Agents of Foreign Suppliers” as Annexed and marked as Annexure.

  • Annexed to this communication are the following documents, bearing the approval number indicated above: ...............................................................................................

  • Annexed hereto as Appendix A is a Certificate setting forth the names of the present Authorized Persons.

  • Annexed hereto is a supplement to Schedule A to the Sale and Servicing Agreement listing the Receivables that constitute the Subsequent Receivables to be conveyed pursuant to this Agreement on the Subsequent Transfer Date.

More Definitions of Annexed

Annexed means a copy of which is attached to or placed with this Agreement and which has (for identification) been signed or initialled by or on behalf of each of the parties heretoCAB” means the BureauContact Officer” shall be construed in accordance with clause 7 below
Annexed means “attached” or “appended.” (The Random House Dictionary of the English Language (2d ed. unabr.) p. 83.) As we discuss below, “[w]ords used in a statute or constitutional provision should be given the meaning they bear in ordinary use.” (Lundgren v. Deukmejian, 45 Cal.3d 727, 735, 248 Cal.Rptr. 115 (1988.)

Related to Annexed

  • attached means attached to this Agreement when used in relation to a schedule;

  • Exhibit B means [Vendor]’s Response.

  • Exhibit A means collectively Exhibits A-1 through A-n which incorporate into the Agreement the specific terms and conditions for each TCK licensed hereunder.

  • Exhibit C Form of Class B-4, B-5 or B-6 Certificate.................... Exhibit D: (Reserved)................................................... Exhibit E: Form of Reverse of Certificates.............................. Exhibit F: Form of Initial Certification of Master Servicer............. Exhibit G: Form of Final Certification of Master Servicer...............

  • Exhibit D means Exhibit D to the Judgment;

  • Exhibit means any item labeled as an Exhibit in the Solicitation or placed in the Exhibits section of the solicitation.

  • Exhibit E means Exhibit E to the Judgment;

  • Exhibit 1 means Exhibit 1 to this Schedule C.

  • Exhibit 2 Standard File Codes – Delinquency Reporting, Continued The FNMA Delinquent Reason Code field should show the Reason for Delinquency as follows: Delinquency Code Delinquency Description 001 FNMA-Death of principal mortgagor 002 FNMA-Illness of principal mortgagor 003 FNMA-Illness of mortgagor’s family member 004 FNMA-Death of mortgagor’s family member 005 FNMA-Marital difficulties 006 FNMA-Curtailment of income 007 FNMA-Excessive Obligation 008 FNMA-Abandonment of property 009 FNMA-Distant employee transfer 011 FNMA-Property problem 012 FNMA-Inability to sell property 013 FNMA-Inability to rent property 014 FNMA-Military Service 015 FNMA-Other 016 FNMA-Unemployment 017 FNMA-Business failure 019 FNMA-Casualty loss 022 FNMA-Energy environment costs 023 FNMA-Servicing problems 026 FNMA-Payment adjustment 027 FNMA-Payment dispute 029 FNMA-Transfer of ownership pending 030 FNMA-Fraud 031 FNMA-Unable to contact borrower INC FNMA-Incarceration

  • Exhibit IIB Standard File Codes - Delinquency Reporting The Loss Mit Type field should show the approved Loss Mitigation Code as follows: o ASUM- Approved Assumption o BAP- Borrower Assistance Program o CO- Charge Off o DIL- Deed-in-Lieu o FFA- Formal Forbearance Agreement o MOD- Loan Modification o PRE- Pre-Sale o SS- Short Sale o MISC- Anything else approved by the PMI or Pool Insurer NOTE: Wells Fargo Bank will accept alternative Loss Mitigation Types to those above, provided that they are consistent with industry standards. If Loss Mitigation Types other than those above are used, the Servicer must supply Wells Fargo Bank with a description of each of the Loss Mitigation Types prior to sending the file.

  • Annex A means the Commission’s General Conditions of Contract.

  • Assignment Form means the assignment form attached as Annex 2 hereto.

  • Appendix 1 contains the statement of work or “SOW”;

  • Attachments means any item the Solicitation requires a Service Provider to submit as part of the Offer.

  • Exercise Form means an Exercise Form in the form annexed hereto as Exhibit A.

  • hereto “herein”, “hereby”, “hereof” and similar expressions mean and refer to this Indenture and any indenture, deed or instrument supplemental hereto; and the expressions “Article”, “Section”, “subsection” and “paragraph” followed by a number, letter or both mean and refer to the specified article, section, subsection or paragraph of this Indenture;


  • Annex B means the Commission’s Terms of Reference.

  • Schedule of Contracts means the list or lists of Contracts attached as Schedule A to this Agreement, which Contracts are being transferred to the Owner Trustee as part of the Trust Estate, which list or lists shall set forth the following information with respect to each such Contract in numbered columns:

  • Schedule C means internal revenue service schedule C (form 1040) filed by a taxpayer pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Annex II means Annex II to Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on waste.

  • Form of Assignment and Transfer means the “Form of Assignment and Transfer” attached as Attachment 3 to the Form of Note attached hereto as Exhibit A.

  • Legal Description means a complete description of land to be annexed without internal references to any other document, and shall be described in one of the following ways:

  • Annex Schedule" and "Exhibit" shall refer to Articles and Sections of, and Annexes, Schedules and Exhibits to, this Agreement unless otherwise specified.

  • Addendum / Addenda means a change, or addition, or correction significant enough to be formally made to this RFP. Addenda are posted on the City websites.

  • Annexure A means the Contractor’s tender to supply the Product or render the Services or works to JOBURG MARKET in terms of the scope of work and on the terms and conditions, pricing and payment terms set out therein.