AML definition

AML has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.1(F)(8) hereof.

Examples of AML in a sentence

  • The Evaluation Team sees the recruitment of permanent staff to PPATK as a key component to ensure sustainability of the AML programme.

  • In addition, 31 regional AML units each consisting of 20-35 investigators are dispersed throughout the country.

  • There are a total of more than 750 POLRI investigators assigned to the various AML units.

  • In addition, the CRS policy needs to clarify the B1/B2 privileges, qualifications and responsibilities.— It is felt that commercial costs dictate too much the maintenance licensing system and the MTOs.— Allow an electronic licence (like a credit card) and consider a central European AML database (e.g. European Qualification Framework (EQF)), including the numbers of examination, privileges and currency, etc.

  • The good MTO may well then provide coaching, as required in the areas of an individual’s weaknesses so that by the end of the training the MTO is assured that the individual has reached a satisfactory level of competence and that the person is fit to go to the real workplace.— Finally introduce a logbook — it could be used for the whole career of the future AML holder.

More Definitions of AML

AML means anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism.
AML shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.2(f) hereof.
AML means acute myeloid leukemia.
AML means Acute Myeloid Leukemia.