AL definition

AL means Alabama
AL means Assembly License, subject to LC 3.995.
AL means the Data Protection Authority (Jersey) Law 2018;“AUP”means ND(J)L’s Acceptable Use Policy as set out at Appendix 1 of thisAgreement;“Customer”means party to the Agreement that received the Services;“Data Controller”means the natural or legal person that determines the purposes andmeans of the processing of Personal Data;“DPIA”means data protection impact assessment;“Data Processor”means the natural or legal person that processes Personal Data on behalf of the controller but does not include an employee of thecontroller;

Examples of AL in a sentence

The contractor shall attend the NETCENTS-2 Post Award Conference in Montgomery, AL on date/time specified upon task order award.

If using e-DMR, DO NOT USE THE "AL" CODE or any other code or report "0" for flow.

Do not report "0" for flow or use any other reporting codes other than "AL".

The contractor agrees to reimburse USAID for any outstanding balance of advance AL provided during the contractor’s assignment under the contract.

With the approval of the Mission Director or cognizant AA, as appropriate, and if the circumstances warrant, a Contracting Officer may grant the contractor advance AL in excess of the amount earned, but in no case may the Contracting Officer grant advance AL in excess of the amount earned in one year or over the life of the contract, whichever is less.

More Definitions of AL

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