Agency or unit definition

Agency or unit means any depart- ment, division, agency or section or unit of any department, division or agency or unit, that has an identifiable budget which may be separated from other budgets and for which credit can be given.

Examples of Agency or unit in a sentence

  • In the event that the person fails to take a response action, initiates but does not adequately complete a response action, or takes other action in contravention of the described corrective action, the Agency or unit of local government may proceed pursuant to subsection (b) of this Section.

  • If the same person has been issued 2 written warning notices for similar violations in any calendar year, thereafter the Agency or unit of local government may proceed pursuant to subsection (b) without first following the provisions of this subsection for the remainder of such calendar year with respect to such person.

  • For a discussion of the presentation of financial information, see “Important Information”.In the year ended 31 December 2013, the Group presented IRC as a discontinued operation in the 2013 Financial Statements.

  • In those hearings, the burden of proof shall be on the Agency or unit of local government.

  • In such hearings, the burden of proof shall be on the Agency or unit of local government.

  • Subject to Section 6.02 hereof, the Authority hereby grants to Lessee the right to sublease, or otherwise permit use of, the Project to and by any other State Agency or unit of local government of the State, and the Lessee hereby covenants that any such sublease shall contain and provide amounts of rents in amounts sufficient to provide the revenue required by the Authority for Rent Payments and other payments hereunder.

  • Grantee(s) will be selected through the process dictated by state and federal laws and procurement practices, and must be an Ohio-based local public or private non-profit agency, Community Action Agency, or unit of local government.

  • Applicants must be an Ohio-based local public or private nonprofit agency, Community Action Agency, or unit of local government.

  • The Agency or unit of local government shall file a copy of each administrative citation served under subsection (b) of this Section with the Board no later than 10 days after the date of service.

  • The date of eligibility shall be the date occupants received formal written notice to vacate from the State Agency or unit of local government.

Related to Agency or unit

  • Area agency on aging means the same as that term is defined in Section 62A-3-101.

  • Agency head or "Procurement Officer" means the person who signs this contract on behalf of the Requesting Agency and includes a successor or authorized representative.

  • Agency means a department, agency or statutory authority of the Northern Territory of Australia.

  • Agency(ies) means any government regulatory authority or authorities in the world responsible for granting approval(s), clearance(s), qualification(s), license(s), or permit(s) for any aspect of the research, Development, manufacture, marketing, distribution, or sale of a Product. The term “Agency” includes, without limitation, the United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”).

  • Emergency Response Agency is a governmental entity authorized to respond to requests from the public to meet emergencies.

  • Service agency means the public agency, the State or any local government unit or special purpose district which has the authority to provide police, fire fighting, medical or other emergency services, which has requested the local telephone company to provide an E9-1-1 Telecommunications Service for the purpose of voice-reporting emergencies by the public.

  • apartment unit means any residential unit within a building containing three or more dwelling units where access to each residential unit is obtained through a common entrance or entrances from the street level and the residential units are connected by an interior corridor;

  • Emissions unit means any part or activity of a stationary source that emits or has the potential to emit any regulated air pollutant or any pollutant listed under Section 7412(b) of the FCAA. This term is not meant to alter or affect the definition of the term "unit" for purposes of Title IV of the FCAA.

  • Agency Fee means the normal charges imposed by the Agency on an applicant or a project occupant to compensate the Agency for the Agency's participation in a project. The term "Agency fee" shall include not only the Agency's normal Administrative fee, but also may include (1) reimbursement of the Agency's expenses, (2) rent imposed by the Agency for use of the property of the Agency, and (3) other similar charges imposed by the Agency.

  • Foreign Exchange (FX) means a service whereby calls either originated by or delivered to a customer who has purchased FX service from the state or interstate tariffs of either Party. FX also includes, but is not limited to, FX-like services provided by either Party where calls are originated from and/or delivered to numbers which are assigned to a Rate Center within one local calling area but where the Party receiving the call is physically located outside of that local calling area. FX service can be either interLATA or intraLATA. InterLATA FX, where the originating and receiving parties are physically located in different LATAs, is considered equivalent to FGA and the intercarrier compensation mechanism is the same as FGA. IntraLATA FX, when provided by two or more local exchange carriers “LECs”, is considered a jointly provided service and meet-point billed by those providing it utilizing a mutually agreed to meet-point billing, or meet-point billing like procedure.

  • Heat unit means a unit of energy equal to the product of the peak kilovoltage, milliamperes, and seconds, i.e., kVp x mA x second.

  • Agency Worker means the individual who is Introduced by the Employment Business to provide services to the Hirer;

  • Nearest Place of Safety means a location determined by the Designated Security Consultant where:

  • Wastewater treatment unit means a device which:

  • Borough means the governing body of the Borough Bloomingdale in the County of Passaic, and the State of New Jersey.