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(13B) . EU parent institution” shall mean an EU parent institution as defined in point (29) of Article 4(1) of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013;”
(13B)  incidental property’ means property in-

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Subtract the amount on line 11B from the amount online 4B, and fill in the result on line 13B .

Wrecker Dispatch Fee Chapter 13 - Primary implementing department: Public Works Chapter 13A Reserved Chapter 13B - Primary implementing department: Public Works, through Engineering Part 13B-101.

The number of grade points assigned for each credit hour completed at the School of Law is as follows: A+ = 4.0 C+ = 2.3A = 4.0 C = 2.0A- = 3.7 C- = 1.7B+ = 3.3 D+ = 1.3B = 3.0 D = 1.0B- = 2.7 D- = 0.7F = 0 Certain courses offered by the School of Law are graded on a Satisfactory/Fail (S/F) basis.

EXHIBIT 13B | Blended finance structures Development Capital Private Commercial FinanceBLENDED FINANCE EXAMPLE STRUCTURES STRUCTURESenior debt or equity First-loss guaranteeDevelopment finance vs.

The applicant also referred to ES Appendix 13B - Technical Appendix 3 (APP72), which provided a detailed review of mitigation measures and concluded that soft start piling is the only measure that is proven and cost effective in reducing risk of physical and auditory risk to marine mammals.

Copyright Amendment Bill [B 13B - 2017] (National Assembly – sec 75) has been recommitted to the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry, and has been referred to the Joint Tagging Mechanism (see Minutes of Proceedings of National Assembly of 1 June 2021).5.

Inlaid in Figure 13B & C are pie charts showing the percent of total cilia counted that belonged to WT and BBS2 KO isletsrespectively.

Annual health and safety physical for Level 3 employeesITEM 13B - ANIMAL CARE WORKERS - PHYSICAL EXAM Requirements1.

POLICIES APPLICABLE TO ACUTE CARE HOSPITALS (AC) POLICY AC-1: USE OF LICENSED BED CAPACITY DATA FOR PLANNING PURPOSESFor planning purposes, the number of licensed beds shall be determined by the Division of Health Service Regulation in accordance with standards found in 10A NCAC 13B - Section.6200 and Section .3102 (d).

GRAFFITI offences in general GRAFFITI CONTROL ACT 2008 - SECT 13B - Alternative and additional actions to imposing penalty for graffiti offences under sections 4 (2) and 5 (1) A court may, instead of imposing a fine on a person for an offence under section 4 (2) or 5, make a community service order under the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 or the Children (Community Service Orders) Act 1987 directing the person to perform community service work, as the case requires.

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(13B) . Hospice inpatient facility' means a freestanding licensed hospice facility or a designated inpatient unit in an existing health service facility which provides palliative and supportive medical and other health services to meet the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and special needs of terminally ill patients and their families in an inpatient setting. For purposes of this Article only, a hospital which has a contractual agreement with a licensed hospice to provide inpatient services to a hospice patient as defined in G.S. 131E-201(4) and provides those services in a licensed acute care bed is not a hospice inpatient facility and is not subject to the requirements in G.S. 131E-176(5)(ii) for hospice inpatient beds.
(13B) . Auditor” means a person appointed as an Auditor of Sindh Revenue Board under section 34;
(13B)  incidental property’ means property incidental to such residence including, without limitation, property com- monly conveyed with a principal residence where the real es- tate is located, window treatments, carpets, appliances and equipment located in the residence, and easements, appur- tenances, fixtures, rents, royalties, mineral rights, oil and gas rights, escrow funds and insurance proceeds;’’;
(13B)  incidental propert y’ means propert y incidental to such residence including, without
(13B) . Eligible psychologist' means a licensed psychologist who has at least

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(2A) base resolution plan” means a resolution plan provided by the corporate debtor under clause (c) of sub-section (4) of section 54A;’;
Section 409A Change in Control means a change in the ownership or effective control of the Company, or in the ownership of a substantial portion of the Company’s assets, as provided in Section 409A(a)(2)(A)(v) of the Code and Treasury Regulations Section 1.409A-3(i)(5) (without regard to any alternative definition thereunder).