Money Transfer Agreement Sample Contracts

Xoom Corporation – Money Transfer Agreement (January 11th, 2013)

This supplementary agreement is executed on this day of 2006, between Inc., a corporation incorporated in the state of Delaware US and having its registered office at 425, Brannan Street, 2nd floor, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA through its President John Kunze s/o Robert Kunze on one part hereinafter called as company which term shall unless repugnant to the context includes its successors and assigns on the one part and Punjab National Bank, a body corporate constituted under Banking Companies (Acquisition & Transfer of Undertaking) Act 1970, and having its head office at 7 Bhikhaji Cama Place, New Delhi and among others its International Banking Branch, New Delhi, on the second part hereinafter called as Bank. Which term shall include its successors and assigns on the other part.

Addendum No. 1 to Money Transfer Agreement (May 9th, 2005)

A. Company and ACE are parties to that certain Money Transfer Agreement dated June 30, 2000, including all Exhibits thereto and amendments (the Agreement). B. The Parties now wish to add an Addendum to the Agreement.