Jenner & Block Sample Contracts

Anteon International Corp – Contract (December 14th, 2005)


Contract (April 1st, 2005)

Exhibit 10.1 EXECUTION COPY REPURCHASE AGREEMENT This Repurchase Agreement (this "Agreement") is made as of March 29, 2005, by and between Nuveen Investments, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the "Company"), and The St. Paul Travelers Companies, Inc., a Minnesota corporation (the "Selling Stockholder"). BACKGROUND A. The Company has filed a Registration Statement on Form S-3 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (as amended, the "Registration Statement") with respect to the sale of certain shares of Class A common stock of the Company (the "Class A Common Stock") by the Selling Stockholder, which Registration Statement was subsequently declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission. B. The Company has filed preliminary prospectus supplements relating to (1) an underwritten offering of shares of

Zap – Contract (February 25th, 2005)

EXHIBIT 10.1 ------------ MUTUAL TERMINATION AGREEMENT ---------------------------- MUTUAL TERMINATION AGREEMENT (the "Agreement"), dated as of February 22, 2005, by and between ZAP, a California corporation, (the "Company"), and FUSION CAPITAL FUND II, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company (the "Buyer"). WHEREAS, the Buyer and the Company mutually desire to terminate the Common Stock Purchase Agreement dated as of July 22, 2004, by and between the Company and the Buyer (the "Purchase Agreement"). All capitalized terms used in this Agreement that are not defined in this Agreement shall have the meanings set forth in the Purchase Agreement; NOW THEREFORE, the Company and the Buyer hereby agree as follows: 1. RESCISSION OF THE INITIAL PURCHASE; TERMINATION OF THE PURCHASE AGREEMENT. The Co

Carlyle Real Estate Ltd Partnership Xiv /Il/ – Amended and Restated Purchase Agreement (August 16th, 1999)
Registration Agreement (August 11th, 1999)
Contract (June 24th, 1999)

Schedules SCHEDULE 1.1 Target Statement of Net Assets SCHEDULE 1.4 Net Assets Adjustments SCHEDULE 1.5 Pre-Closing Restructuring SCHEDULE 1.6(a) ISD Disposition SCHEDULE 1.6(b) Matters Relating to ISD Disposition SCHEDULE 2.1 Information Relating to the Company and the Subsidiaries SCHEDULE 2.2 Obligations Relating to Joint Ventures SCHEDULE 2.3(a) Financial Statements SCHEDULE 2.3(b) Certain Changes SCHEDULE 2.4 Tax Returns and Reports SCHEDULE 2.5 Material Contracts SCHEDULE 2.6 Encumbrances and Other Matters SCHEDULE 2.6(a) Information Relating to Real and Personal Property; Title to Property and Leases SCHEDULE 2.6(b) Material Real Property of the Company or its Subsidiaries SCHEDULE 2.7 Intellectual Property SCHEDULE 2.8 Autho

Registration Rights Agreement (April 27th, 1999)
U S Plastic Lumber Corp – Stock Purchase Agreement (February 10th, 1999)
Contract (November 25th, 1998)

-iii- 5 STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT dated as of October 8, 1998 between and among General Dynamics Corporation, a Delaware corporation ("General Dynamics"), NASSCO Holdings Incorporated, a Delaware corporation (the "Company"), Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (the "Trustee"), as Trustee of the NASSCO Holdings Incorporated Employee Stock Ownership Plan (the "ESOP"), and Richard H. Vortmann, Donald A. Spanninga, Fred N. and Alicia H. Hallett, as Trustees under the Trust Agreement dated as of June 15, 1979, and Alfred W., Jr. and Ruth H. Lutter, as Trustees under the Trust Agreement dated as of January 19, 1988 (collectively, the "Management Stockholders"). The ESOP and the Management Stockholders are referred to in this Agreement collectively as the "Sellers." The Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries International Manufacturing Technologies, Inc., a California corporation ("IMT"), National Steel an

Bactolac Pharmaceutical Inc – Settlement and Mutual Release Agreement (November 13th, 1998)
Bactolac Pharmaceutical Inc – Contract (August 21st, 1998)
Stock Purchase Agreement (December 4th, 1997)
Stock Purchase Agreement (December 4th, 1997)
Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement (January 15th, 1997)
Merger Agreement (September 28th, 1995)
Martin Marietta Corp – Asset Purchase Agreement (May 13th, 1994)