Entrust Agreement Sample Contracts

G2 Ventures – Entrust Agreement (April 14th, 2011)

THIS ENTRUST AGREEMENT (the Agreement) is made on June 2, 2010 by and between Lionel Evan Liu, an Indonesia passport holder (the Party A), and ZHANG Jinghe, a PRC citizen (the Party B).

G2 Ventures – Entrust Agreement (October 7th, 2010)

Party A and Party B reach a consensus through friendly consultation on the matter that Party A entrusts Party B to purchase a CITIC trust fund on behalf of Party A.

L&L Energy – Entrust Agreement (January 6th, 2010)
Biostar Pharmaceuticals – Entrust Agreement for Land Acquisition (February 25th, 2008)

Party A is an investment project introduced by Qindu district government. According to the Num 319th approval document, which is issued by government of Xian Yang city, it shows that initial planning investments are 70 million RMB to build GMP workshop. Hereby Party A entrusts Party B to in charge of the land acquisition in light of the law of land administration of PRC, Shaanxi province execution detailed rules and relevant rules of regulation. Party B agrees to provide the service with following terms.

China Wind Energy Inc. – Entrust Agreement (November 30th, 2007)

CLIENT: Harbin Lianchuang Stock-Joint Limited (or Lianchuang) ASSIGNEE: Harbin Xingye Wind Energy Technology Limited (or Xingye)

China Transinfo Technology – Entrust Agreement (English Translation) (November 13th, 2007)

In consideration of the equality and mutual benefit and of friendly consultation, and in connection with Party A entrusting Party B to hold 66.67% of the shares of Party C, each party hereby agrees as follows:

China Marketing Media Holdings, Inc. – Entrust Agreement (January 3rd, 2007)

This agreement was entered into and by both parties listed as below in the conference room of Shenzhen Media Investment Co., Ltd on November 20, 2004.

Sinoenergy Corp – Shareholder Entrust Agreement (August 22nd, 2006)

In accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China and the corporation laws of the People's Republic of China and correlative regulations and rules and other relevant Chinese laws and regulations, and with the principle of equality and voluntary and through friendly consultations by Party A and Party B for affairs about Party A entrust Party B with hold shares conclude Clauses as below, abide by two parties together.