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Code of Ethics Applicable to the Chief Executive Officer, Senior Financial Officers and Members of the Board of Directors (September 27th, 2013)

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc. (Atlas or the Company) maintains an Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct (the Handbook) that is applicable to all of the Companys officers and employees, as well as to individuals and entities who seek to provide goods and services to Atlas, and in certain circumstances to the non-employee members of the Companys Board of Directors. The Companys Chief Executive Officer, senior financial officers and its Board of Directors (collectively, the Covered Persons) play an important and elevated role in corporate governance at the Company. Each Covered Person shall therefore comply not only with the provisions of the Handbook (which sets forth standards for both business conduct and ethics) (except that the Companys non-employee members of the Board of Directors shall comply with the Handbook only to the extent explicitly set forth in the Handbook and in this Code of Ethics), but also with the provisions of this Code of Ethics. If any conflict should arise b