Supplife Com Inc Sample Contracts

Supplife Com Inc – LICENSE AGREEMENT (January 22nd, 2001)

LICENSE AGREEMENT THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT ("AGREEMENT") IS MADE AND EFFECTIVE AS OF NOVEMBER 14, 2000 BY AND BETWEEN VITAMINERALHERB.COM CORP., A NEVADA CORPORATION ("GRANTOR"), AND MICHAEL KIRSH ("LICENSEE"), WITH REFERENCE TO THE FOLLOWING FACTS: 1. Grantor owns and operates an Internet marketing system for vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, and other health and fitness products (the "Products") in which Grantor offers Products for sale from various suppliers on Grantor's Web Site. 2. Licensee desires to market the Products to medical professionals, alternative health professionals, martial arts studios and instructors, sports and fitness trainers, other health and fitness practitioners, school and other fund raising programs and other similar types of customers ("Customer(s)") in the Territory, as hereinafter defined. Customers will be able to buy t

Supplife Com Inc – ASSIGNMENT OF LICENSE AGREEMENT (January 22nd, 2001)

ASSIGNMENT OF LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR VALUE RECEIVED, Michael Kirsh ("Assignor"), for good and valuable consideration, does hereby sell, assign, and transfer to Inc., a Washington corporation ("Assignee"), all of the rights, title and interest of Assignor and delegates to Assignee all of the duties of Assignor under that certain License Agreement dated November 14, 2000 by and between Assignor and Corp., a Nevada Corporation, a true copy of which is annexed hereto and made a part hereof. Assignor represents that the annexed contract is a valid and binding agreement in all respects, is assignable and the duties hereunder delegable, and that this assignment and delegation is a valid exercise of the Assignor's rights. Assignee hereby assumes and agrees to perform all of Assignor's obligations under the annexed contract. Assignee shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Ass

Supplife Com Inc – SHARE SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT (January 22nd, 2001)

SHARE SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT ---------------------------- TO: SUPPLIFE.COM INC. ADDRESS: 44 Charles St. W., Apt. 1810 Toronto, Ontario CANADA M4Y 1R7 1. Share Subscription. The undersigned ("Subscriber") hereby agrees to ------------------- purchase Five Million One Hundred Thousand (5,100,000) shares of common stock, par value $0.0001, of Inc., a Washington corporation ("Company") in partial consideration for the transfer of that certain license dated November 14, 2000. 2. Issuer Representations and Warranties. Issuer hereby represents and ------------------------------------- warrants to Subscriber as follows: 2.1 Organization, Good Standing and Qualification. The Issuer is ---------------------------------------------- a corporation duly organized, validly exist