Government Securities Equity Trust Series 11 Sample Contracts

Government Securities Equity Trust Series 11 – TRUST INDENTURE AND AGREEMENT (July 19th, 2000)

================================================================================ GOVERNMENT SECURITIES EQUITY TRUST TRUST INDENTURE AND AGREEMENT for all series formed on or subsequent to the effective date specified below Among PRUDENTIAL SECURITIES INCORPORATED As Depositor THE BANK OF NEW YORK As Trustee KENNY S&P EVALUATION SERVICES, A DIVISION OF J.J. KENNY CO., INC. As Evaluator ------------------------------------ Dated: July 18, 2000 ==================

Government Securities Equity Trust Series 11 – REFERENCE TRUST AGREEMENT (July 19th, 2000)

Executed in 7 Parts Counterpart No. ( ) GOVERNMENT SECURITIES EQUITY TRUST SERIES 11 REFERENCE TRUST AGREEMENT This Reference Trust Agreement dated July 18, 2000 among Prudential Securities Incorporated, as Depositor, The Bank of New York, as Trustee, and Kenny S&P Evaluation Services, a division of J.J. Kenny Co., Inc., as Evaluator, sets forth certain provisions in full and incorporates other provisions by reference to the document entitled "Government Securities Equity Trust, Trust Indenture and Agreement" (the "Basic Agreement") dated July 18, 2000. Such provisions as are incorporated by reference constitute a single instrument (the "Indenture"). WITNESSETH THAT : In consideration of the premises and