Cyberuni Org Inc Sample Contracts

Cyberuni Org Inc – STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT (June 16th, 2000)

EXHIBIT 10(i) STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT 94 SERIES A CONVERTIBLE PREFERRED, $5.00 PAR VALUE STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT This Agreement, dated June 15, 1999, is entered into by and between CYBERUNI.ORG, Inc. a California corporation (the "Company"), and TERTIARY PARTNERS LIMITED, a corporation organized under the laws of the Republic of Vanuatu, (the "Purchaser") with respect to the following facts: The Company is a California corporation which intends to engage in the business of providing university-level courses and assessment via the Internet. The Purchaser wishes to purchase shares of the Company's Series A Convertible Preferred Stock $5.00 par value, and the Company is willing to sell such shares to the Purchaser, subject to the terms set

Cyberuni Org Inc – HEADS OF AGREEMENT (June 16th, 2000)

EXHIBIT 10(v) COMMERCIAL LEASE 111 HEADS OF AGREEMENT COMMERCIAL LEASE OF PREMISES 1. Landlord Western Japan Investments Limited 2. Tenant Cyberuni.Ac NZ Limited 3. Premises First Floor, 90 Symonds Street, Aukland Measuring approx. 4,244 sqft as per attached plan. 4. Rent - Premises Year 1 2,747.25 sqft @ $18.20 psqft gross = $50,000 plus GST 1,496.75 sqft rent free Year 2 3,615.38 sqft @$18.20 psqft gross = $65,800 plus G

Cyberuni Org Inc – ESCROW AGREEMENT (June 16th, 2000)

EXHIBIT 10(iv) ESCROW AGREEMENT 104 ESCROW AGREEMENT This Escrow Agreement is made the 16th day of March, 2000 at San Francisco, California, by and between CYBERUNI.ORG, INC., a California corporation (the "Customer"), and THE PACIFIC BANK, N.A., a national bank (the "Bank"), with respect to the following facts. The Customer wishes to retain the Bank to serve as an escrow holder ("Escrow Holder") for the purpose of holding in escrow certain funds received by the Customer via Subscription Agreements executed by investors in an SB-1 Offering conducted by the Customer. The Bank agrees to serve as Escrow Holder subject to the terms set forth below 1. DEPOSITS INTO ESCROW: A. The Customer shall deliver to the Bank all ch