Recyclenet Corp Sample Contracts

Recyclenet Corp – AGREEMENT (April 12th, 2001)

EXHIBIT 10(a) AGREEMENT This Agreement is entered into as of this 15th day of December, 1999, between RecycleNet Corporation ("Company") and Paul Roszel ("PR"). WITNESSETH: WHEREAS; PR has developed certain computer related software known as the Rhodium WebWeaver ("program") which is designed to operate from a secure central processing unit and which can be customized to the particular needs of a person utilizing the Internet system for business and commercial purposes; and WHEREAS; Company desires to obtain the non-exclusive distribution rights to market and license the use of the program; and WHEREAS; PR desires to grant a non-exclusive license to Company to market and distribute the program to third parties. NOW, THEREFORE, it is agreed by the parties hereto as follows: 1. PR hereby grants to Company, and Company hereby accepts, subject to payment of the license fees and other charges, as