Price Dallas P Sample Contracts

Price Dallas P – ASSUMPTION AGREEMENT (August 9th, 2002)

This Assumption Agreement is entered into as of Dec. 24, 1998, among Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association (“Bank”), David G. Price, Trustee of the David G. Price Trust u/a dated March 5, 1998 (“David Price Trust”), and Dallas P. Price, Trustee of the Dallas P. Price Trust u/a dated May 14, 1998 (“Dallas Price Trust”), with reference to the following:

Price Dallas P – INTERCREDITOR AGREEMENT (October 26th, 1998)

EXHIBIT 4 INTERCREDITOR AGREEMENT ----------------------- This INTERCREDITOR AGREEMENT (this "Agreement"), dated July 30, 1996, is made between BANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION ("BofA"), Nationsbank of Texas, N.A., ("NationsBank," BofA and NationsBank are sometimes collectively to referred herein as the "Banks" and individually as a "Bank"), DAVID G. PRICE, DALLAS P. PRICE, DAVID G. PRICE, TRUSTEE OF THE PRICE REVOCABLE TRUST AMENDMENT IN ENTIRETY EXECUTED ON FEBRUARY 9, 1987 AS AMENDED (collectively, the "Prices"), GOLF ENTERPRISES, INC., a Kansas corporation) ("GEI"), NATIONAL GOLF PROPERTIES, INC., a Maryland corporation ("NGP"), and NATIONAL GOLF OPERATING PARTNERSHIP, L.P., a limited partnership organized under the laws of the State of Delaware ("NGOP"). RECITALS: