Adult Services Unlimited Inc Sample Contracts

Adult Services Unlimited Inc – SUBORDINATE VOTING SHARE STOCK OPTION PLAN (November 7th, 2002)

EXTENDICARE INC. AMENDED AND RESTATED SUBORDINATE VOTING SHARE STOCK OPTION PLAN Definitions 1. In this Plan: (a) "Shares" means Subordinate Voting Shares of the Corporation; (b) "employment" means a service as a director or an officer of, or full-time employment with, the Corporation or any affiliated corporation and includes retirement from any such service or employment and "employee" has a corresponding meaning; (c) "affiliated corporation" means at any time any company or corporation at such time designated as such by the directors of the Corporation; (d) "termination of employment" means termination of employment for any reason other than death or retirement, but does not include a change

Adult Services Unlimited Inc – EXECUTIVE RETIRING ALLOWANCE AGREEMENT (November 7th, 2002)

EXHIBIT 10.8 EXECUTIVE RETIRING ALLOWANCE AGREEMENT MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT entered into at Markham, Ontario on the ____________ day of ______________, 20__. ARTICLE I. INTRODUCTION Section 1.01 This document constitutes the Executive Retiring Allowance Agreement (the "Agreement") between ____________________ (hereinafter referred to as the "Executive") and Extendicare Health Services Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). Section 1.02 The basic purpose of the Agreement is to provide the Executive with an incentive to remain in the employ of the Company and to make suitable provision for the retirement income of the Executive and other related contingencies above and beyond those that are provided under the Pension Plan. ARTICLE II. DEFINITIONS Section 2

Adult Services Unlimited Inc – DEFERRED COMPENSATION AGREEMENT (November 7th, 2002)

DEFERRED COMPENSATION AGREEMENT AGREEMENT made this _________ day of _____________________, 20__ by and between EXTENDICARE HEALTH SERVICES, INC., a Delaware corporation, with offices at 111 West Michigan Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203 (hereinafter, inclusive of its direct and indirect subsidiaries, the "Corporation"), and ___________________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as the "Participant"). WITNESSETH: WHEREAS, an employment relationship does exist between the Corporation and the Participant; and WHEREAS, the Corporation desires to enter into a Deferred Compensation Agreement with the Participant, so as to further the long-term growth and earnings of the Corporation by offering long-term incentives in addition to current compensation to those management or highly compensated employees of the Corporation who are or will be largely responsible