Erekesef Securities Ltd Sample Contracts

Erekesef Securities Ltd – RESOLUTION AGREEMENT (October 20th, 1998)

EXHIBIT 10 RESOLUTION AGREEMENT THIS RESOLUTION AGREEMENT is entered into by and among the parties hereto as of October 8, 1998. RECITALS A. WHEREAS, as of August 1, 1997, Joseph and Susan Angard ("Angard") and Global One Distribution & Merchandising Inc. ("Global One") entered into various written and oral agreements (the "Angard Agreements") whereby Angard agreed to sell certain shares of Global One's common stock ("Stock") held by Angard, cause certain shares of Stock held by Angard to be retired, and to lend the proceeds from the sale of Stock held by Angard to Global One, such loan to be secured by a perfected security interest in certain assets of Global One and its subsidiaries as collateral for such loan (the "Angard Security Interest"); and B. WHEREAS, the Angard Agreements have since been modified such that as of the date hereof, Angard and Global One