Zoning Approval Sample Clauses

Zoning Approval. The lots on the subject location are zoned R2 Single Family Residential and R3 Single Family or Two Family Residential. The City of East Lansing has approved an overlay zoning district to allow for new housing infill with a neo-traditional design.‌
Zoning Approval. This agreement is contingent upon the Buyer obtaining at its own cost and expense an approval by the appropriate land use boards of the City of Stamford of a special exception, pursuant to Section 7.3 – Special Exception Uses for Historic Buildings of the City of Stamford Zoning Regulations, to allow for the relocation of the BUYER’S gallery and poster restoration business currently located at 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx and other uses appropriate to the subject property. The BUYER agrees to use its best efforts to submit this application to the Planning and Zoning Board during the month of March, 2006 and to obtain an approval as soon as possible subject to the schedule of the land use boards. In the event the application is denied the BUYER shall so notify SELLER, in writing, and then this Agreement shall be null and void and the BUYER shall be entitled to the immediate return by SELLER of all sums paid by the BUYER on account of this Agreement except for the sum of Three Hundred Fifty ($350.00) Dollars towards the cost of preparation of this Agreement.
Zoning Approval. All of the following: (a) the Zoning Application (as amended to substitute the Site Plan for the current application plan under the Zoning Application) has been approved by Albemarle County, Virginia; (b) the 30 day period within which challenges or appeals could be filed have expired with no appeal or challenges having been filed. Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, in no event shall the Zoning Approval be deemed to be obtained prior to the end of the of the Site Plan Revision Period provided in Section 2.3 unless Purchaser waives in writing any further right to modify the Site Plan pursuant to Section 2.3.
Zoning Approval. Company will have obtained all zoning approvals necessary to construct in accordance with the construction permit described in Section 9.2(s) on the Real Property described in Section 5.10(a). 44
Zoning Approval. Licensee must provide Licensor with copies of any zoning application or amendment that Licensee submits to the applicable zoning authority in relation to its installation or modification of Equipment at the Site, at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to submission to the applicable zoning authority. Licensor reserves the right to (i) require that it be named as co-applicant on any such zoning application or amendment and/or (ii) require revisions to any such zoning application or amendment. Licensor also reserves the right, prior to any decision by the applicable zoning authority, to approve or reject any conditions of approval, limitations or other obligations that would apply to the owner of the Site or property, or any existing or future Site licensee, as a condition of such zoning authority’s approval; provided, however, Licensor shall not unreasonably withhold or delay approval of any such conditions of approval, limitations or other obligations. Licensee agrees that any Modification, or change in use of the Licensed Space, as approved herein, requires an amendment hereto which may entitle Licensor to compensation. Licensee shall be solely responsible for all costs and expenses associated with (i) any zoning application or amendment submitted by Licensee, (ii) making any improvements or performing any other obligations required as a condition of approval with respect to same and (iii) any other related expenses.
Zoning Approval. 7 1.06. Landlord's Inspection Period......................7
Zoning Approval. Buyer has applied for Zoning Approval and Buyer has and shall continue to use its best efforts to obtain the Zoning Approval. Buyer shall report to Seller on a monthly basis as to the status of the Zoning Approval. Buyer has a duty to report to Seller as soon as possible after Buyer has received any indication that the Zoning Approval will not be granted or that the Zoning Approval has been denied prior to Buyer appealing the denial.
Zoning Approval. Seller hereby authorizes Purchaser and/or Purchaser’s agents to seek and obtain any and all permits, licenses, site and development plan approvals, permits and authorizations, zoning approvals, curb-cut approvals, and any and all other approvals or consents as Purchaser may deem necessary in connection with its proposed acquisition and/or proposed development of the Property including, without limitation, the consent and approval (the “Approval”) from the applicable governmental authorities (collectively, the “Zoning Authority”) necessary to zone the Property to permit the development of the Property for industrial warehouse use and other uses desired by Purchaser, at Purchaser’s sole cost and expense. Purchaser agrees to diligently pursue such Approval. Seller, at Purchaser’s expense and at no cost to Seller, shall cooperate with Purchaser in seeking such Approval and, if any such applications, approvals or permits are required to be sought in Seller’s name, Seller shall seek such Approval upon Purchaser’s written request, provided that such Approval will not in any way prejudice Seller or affect Seller’s continued use of the Property in the event that Closing does not occur.
Zoning Approval. AN ORDINANCE To amend the Philadelphia Zoning Maps by changing the zoning designations of certain areas of land located within an area bounded by Hunting Park Avenue, Xxxxx Avenue, Xxxxxxx Avenue, and Fox Street; and amending Sections 14-304 and 14-309 of The Philadelphia Code, entitled, respectively, “Area Shopping Center District” and “‘C-3Commercial,” by providing for additional permitted uses; all under certain terms and conditions. The Council of the City of Philadelphia hereby ordains:
Zoning Approval. To clarify the term "Zoning Approval" as used in the Agreement in ss.ss. 9(f) and 10(e), xx is a condition to Closing under the Agreement that for Purchaser's planned unit development for multifamily dwellings in accordance with Purchaser's building plan Purchaser shall have obtained final site plan approval from the governmental agencies exercising jurisdiction over the Property, entitling the Purchaser to commence construction without any other zoning condition or approval required.